BSI software in action at the Swiss Post

A lot has changed in the past 20 years. But the customer relationship between the Swiss Post and BSI still exists – and is even being expanded. More than two decades of cooperation in large projects are difficult to list on one page. Therefore, we have described our various Post projects for you in more detail under the respective tabs.

Central customer data entry is considered the mother of today's modern sales database, which is used as a general sales tool for sales, controlling and the opportunity management by 6,000 employees.

This was followed by the user interface of the counter application, which is used daily by 10,000 people in 2,000 post office locations. With the V-MaX project, the ergonomics of the user interface were radically simplified with the aim of shortening processing times to improve service times for customers.

Since 2013, around 300 employees in the Post customer service, fondly called “Kudi”, have been using BSI Contact Center to answer 1.5 million enquiries annually across all channels. These were completely integrated so that Kudi staff has a 360° view of the customers at their disposal. Guided processes contribute to faster processing and higher first contact resolution rates.

The software for fleet management also comes from BSI: More than 22,000 vehicles of various types and sizes are managed with our fleet solution.

In 2018, the Post launched the first self-service payment terminal. The software was produced by BSI. Machine-learning integration enables the machine to recognize even handwritten numbers, to check account data and securely execute orders. Further digital services in the areas of payments and banking are being planned.

For the Post’s business customers, we were able to create a clear cockpit for investigations. The B2B portal is based on the BSI Portal solution and offers bulk mailers a structured overview of all ongoing and completed business transactions. Full transparency – in real time, thanks to the cloud.

Self-service payment terminal

Product: BSI Portal | Industry: Post, Transport & Logistics

BSI was assigned with the development of a self-service payment terminal for the Swiss Post. The smart terminal connects the analog and digital worlds with artificial intelligence: Designed as a self-service counter, it combines the services of a payments machine with retail functionalities.

Thanks to machine-learning integration, the terminal recognizes even handwritten numbers, can check account data and securely execute orders.

The self-service terminal went into operation at the pilot post office branch in Interlaken in autumn 2018. In the future, it will offer customers the possibility to make inpayments as well as practical digital services.

“With the new self-service terminal we aim to further improve the service and customer experience at our branches and to offer an attractive alternative to paying at the counter.”

Marco LazzarottoOverall Project Manager, Swiss Post

The proof of concept will be expanded to nine branches in October 2018, with a total of 15 terminals. The coming months will tell whether the new self-service solution meets a broad customer demand. After the planned test phase, Swiss Post will decide in the second quarter of 2019 whether the machine will be rolled out, and at which locations.

An autonomous version of the terminal will also be tested: In La Chaux-de-Fonds, customers will also be able to benefit from the new services outside branch opening hours. Swiss Post and BSI have worked together on post offices.

“We again chose BSI: BSI has already successfully introduced terminal software for other customers; in addition, we also see great added value in the integration of the counter application, which BSI produced as well, with the terminal software.”

Marco Lazzarotto

Machine learning: Handwriting recognition through a neural network

The self-service terminal software was developed by BSI in cooperation with the Swiss Post. BSI solved the challenge of handwritten inpayments slips in the BSI Lab using a neural network which was initially trained with more than 100,000 inpayment slip images. The aim of the self-service payment terminal is to interest Post customers around the clock with services that are relevant to them in today’s payment traffic and beyond.


  • Machine learning: Handwriting recognition through a neural network
  • Artificial intelligence connects the analog to the digital world
  • Co-creation: Joint development work between the Post and BSI
  • Attractive alternative for inpayments
  • Service experience inside and outside post offices – around the clock

Business customer portal

Product: BSI Portal | Industry: Post, Transport & logistics

The Swiss Post is expanding its business customer service with a customer portal developed by BSI. Shipping customers benefit from a central cockpit which clearly displays ongoing investigations and damage claims in real time.

The customer cockpit was developed in cooperation with pilot customers and implemented by BSI. The result: A central webportal which clearly displays the status of all investigations and damage claims.

The project went live within just five months. To meet the high security requirements, the CRM, which was also supplied by BSI, will remain in the Post network, while the portal is used as a cloud solution. This ensures that both the Post customer service, as well as business customers, work with the same system and the same process, and can consistently view the current status, the interim status and detailed information.

“The cloud solution offers us the advantage of a modern online customer area with direct access to the CRM.”

Demetrius RinderknechtHead of Customer & Sales Services at PostLogistics

Greater transparency and efficiency

The around-the-clock online service provides B2B customers with a practical overview page they can use to search and filter according to various criteria. What's more, documents and memos can also be attached to the business transaction in the detail view.


  • BSI Portal solution from the cloud
  • Seamless integration in the existing Post portal
  • Secure real-time connection between CRM and portal

Swiss Post customer service

Jean-Luc Morchetti, Head of Customer Service at Swiss Post

Product: BSI Contact Center | Industry: Post, transport & logistics

BSI Contact Center in the Swiss Post's customer service. Greater efficiency in customer service with service lines and guided processes.

Around 300 customer service team members at the Swiss Post respond to 1.5 million customer enquiries annually by phone, e-mail, Web form, fax, letter and Twitter. The enquiries range from opening times, letters and package tracking to philately and PostShop products, and on to more complex and specific service questions. To make life easier for the service staff and to boost their expertise and efficiency, the Swiss Post decided to introduce a professional contact center solution. The aim of the solution was to integrate the communication channels to facilitate a 360° view of the customer. Another relevant criterion was process management in order to be able to process and resolve customer enquiries more quickly and competently. A third criterion was the attainment of savings in terms of licensing and operating costs.

BSI Contact Center has been in use since the end of October 2013 in the Swiss Post customer service. The team led by Jean-Luc Morchetti quickly realized that both the project and economic goals would be reached. New team members can be trained more quickly and are productive within a short time. Processes can be immediately improved with the process support; changes take effect right away. The guided processes and services lines have proved to be advantageous for internal settlement.

Fleet management

Product: Custom solution | Industry: Automobile, transport & logistics

Post Company Cars AG offers a comprehensive portfolio of fleet management services, among them full-service leasing and mobility consulting. This Swiss Post subsidiary manages a fleet of over 22,000 vehicles of all types and sizes. BSI developed a comprehensive process management system for Post Company Cars based on BSI CRM in just one year. 

New, simplified user interface for the counter application

Product: Custom solution | Industry: Post

In a massive show of strength, Swiss Post reconfigured the user interface of its counter application in less than a year and retrained over 12,000 employees on V-MaX. A time value analysis of entries made in the counter application revealed major discrepancies between the processing times of similar products and services.

With the V-MaX project, he radically simplified the ergonomics of the user interface with the objective of reducing time spent processing so that there is more time for customer. The goal was to calm down activity at the counter.

“Everyone profits: the customer, because it's faster, and the employee, because it's easier.”

Daniel Müller, Head Business Operations PV52, Swiss Post

In German, the name V-MaX encompassed the team’s project objective, which was simplification (V) for the employees (Ma) in customer transactions (X), and for management and employees at the post office V-MaX also stands for the maximizing of sales. Everyone profits: The customer, because it is faster, and the employee, because it is easier.


  • The software is used daily by 10,000 people in 2000 post office locations
  • Re-Design must be „silent“, so that employees could work further without being interrupted
  • Clarity: Each function has the same functionality always and everywhere
  • Easiness: 90 per cent of standard counter transactions with just a single click via only-keyboard use
  • Scalability, future changes can be displayed in the navigation, such as additional products or new functionalities
  • Extremely short project duration: A project like this normally takes two and a half years; BSI and Swiss Post needed less than one
  • Integration of numerous processes, which formerly where build in third party systems, like ticket sales

Swiss Post sales database

The two superusers of the sales database: Adrian Heiniger and Sandra Linder

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: Transport & logistics

Twenty years ago, the Swiss Post was still called PTT and BSI CRM was still ORS. While plenty has changed since then, the customer relationship between the Post and BSI remains firmly intact. Central customer data entry as an original idea has, in the course of 20 years, become a sales database and a general sales tool for sales, controlling and the opportunity management of 6,000 employees.

After 20 years of internal development, Swiss Post switched to the BSI CRM standard in 2015. The Post has been able to profit from the market through the use of a CRM product and keep the Post-specific adaptation to an economic minimum at around 10%.


  • 100 percent BSI CRM (SOA and openness, flexibility, integration capability and sustainability through modern standards (Eclipse Scout))
  • Agile implementation
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Configurability
  • Single sourcing and multi-frontend 


  • Close gearing of the fleet management system with customer administration processes
  • Complete depiction of customer business
  • Interface to the existing SAP system for accounts payable and receivable, fuel data management and invoice issuing through the printing facility
  • Multilingual, client-capable and completely paperless processes

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