BSI Insurance deployed at ProTect

ProTect Versicherung AG, a subsidiary of Provinzial Rheinland, counts on BSI Insurance to provide support to its sales partners. With the implementation of the CRM solution, this specialty insurance company plans to optimize the support it provides to savings banks (“Sparkassen”) and other sales partners.


ProTect specializes in the design of innovative product solutions in the area of financing and payment assurance. In its sales operation, the company relies on close and trust-based partnerships with its sales and collaboration partners. As a public insurance company, ProTect and its partners operate throughout Germany under the umbrella of the market leader, Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe.

“We consider it our duty to provide the very best support to our sales partners. With BSI Insurance, we will be able to offer even better support in the future.”

Markus KalbasArea Sales Manager, ProTect

ProTect, like other prominent brokerage insurance companies such as RheinLand (with, ERGO, die Bayerische, Gothaer, HDI, and NÜRNBERGER, counts on BSI Insurance, the industry standard for insurers in general and for public insurance companies in particular.


  • B2B: the CRM solution for the support of sales and collaboration partners
  • 360 ° view
  • Seamless processes
  • Continuous communication record

“BSI gives us exactly what we need to provide proactive support to our sales partners: a centralized 360 ° view, seamless processes, and a continuous communication record.”

Markus Kalbas

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