BSI CRM at Möbel Pfister AG

Customer experiences in the digital world

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: Retail

Möbel Pfister AG is introducing BSI CRM. With a networked range of mobile and online platforms and 20 branch stores, the service leader aims to further expand the possibilities for its customers through digitalization of the shopping experience. BSI CRM shall serve as the basis for this by providing staff with access to the relevant data, through enabling customer recognition across channels and by making it possible to address their concerns easily, quickly and effectively.

With the introduction of BSI CRM, Pfister is augmenting its consistent customer focus: the company is making contemporary and cross-channel customer dialogues possible across departmental borders and touchpoints.

“BSI CRM gives us a 360° customer view, a seamless customer history and the integration of all touchpoints.”

Niklas Meise, Strategy and Corporate Development Manager, Möbel Pfister AG

In an initial step, BSI CRM was introduced to staff in customer accounting, which now handles all customer inquiries through the CRM solution. This will followed up by making BSI CRM available to employees in the branch stores, the warehouse, delivery support and in customer service. Pfister will also launch a mobile supplier delivery platform to proactively support customer service.

“In the future, we will be able to optimally design processes across departments and take action in real time.”

Practical tool for customer service, branch stores and the back office

With BSI CRM, staff has an instrument at its disposal that makes their work easier while boosting their efficiency. Users particularly appreciate the practical functionalities that facilitate their daily work, the clear 360° customer view, the simple search function and the integration of touchpoints.

“BSI has developed a good standard for cross-channel providers like Pfister.”


  • Central CRM solution facilitates a seamless service experience
  • Proactive marketing and sales support
  • Depiction of the processes in the system
  • High level of automation
  • 360° customer view and integration of all touchpoints

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