BSI CRM at Degussa Bank

Degusssa Bank implements an omnichannel strategy with BSI as its CRM partner

Product: BSI CRM, BSI Contact Center | Industry: Financial Institutions

Degussa Bank, Germany’s only Worksite bank, is leading its customer contacts management into the dawning omnichannel era. To meet the demands of networked customers, the bank decided to work together with BSI as its CRM partner to introduce a holistic customer view and to integrate all digital and physical channels in one central CRM solution. Degussa is thus setting the course for an optimized customer experience in the digital world.

“The topic of CRM has taken a quantum leap: While at the end of the 90s, CRM was primarily seen as address administration, today it is involved in making the customer central. Towards this end, silos and structures that are no longer contemporary are being dismantled to facilitate holistic and seamless customer service throughout the entire customer journey.” Michael Horf, Board Member at Degussa Bank.

Degussa Bank is replacing isolated systems with BSI CRM, which it will roll out in two stages: Business customer support staff will be the first to start. They will be following by sales staff in private customer care. And in a further expansion stage, all employees will be connected to the CRM, including those in the subsidiary.

“With the introduction of our omnichannel strategy, we are striving to depict the entire offer range across all customer segments. BSI CRM provides us with the communication options and workflows needed for this holistic customer care,” explained Michael Horf, Board Member at Degussa Bank

“BSI CRM provides us with the communication options and workflows needed for the holistic customer care.”

Michael HorfBoard Member at Degussa Bank


  • Productive start after four months
  • Uniform management of the processes and workload, independent of whether business cases are generated by Marketing or whether staff in a bank branch start a business case.
  • Numerous interfaces for a comprehensive 360° view
  • Depiction of the complex requirements for regulations and authorizations

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