Sales, order and fleet management for Deutsche Bahn (DB)

CRM solution for optimized interaction in sales and order management

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: Transport & logistics

DB Systel, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn and one of Germany’s leading ICT solutions providers, relies on BSI CRM for the management of its business customers.

By introducing CRM, DB Systel is improving its communications and interactions with business customers in the areas of sales and contract Management.

Live activation of this challenging project occurred “on time and in the sought after quality.”

Thomas Vollmer, Overall Project Manager at DB Systel


  • CRM introduction to reach sales and growth targets
  • Tool went live on time and in the sought after quality
  • 300 users in the sales department
  • Standardization of the contract process
  • Sales process contains all relevant interfaces to all Systems

BSI CRM based software for fleet management

Product: Custom solution | Industry: Transport & logistics

Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH offers innovative mobility concepts to enable mobility for the DB Group, Deutsche Bahn customers and other business customers beyond the tracks. A unique product portfolio ranging from Flinkster to 'mein Carsharing’, rental bikes to chauffeur services, fleet management, full-service leasing and on to new and used car sales provides solutions for private and business customers so that they can smoothly reach their destination at any time.

The software used for fleet vehicle management is called FLEETperfect and is based on BSI CRM. Through FLEETperfect, DB employees and business customers can configure, order, and insure their vehicles, monitor dates, manage returns and damage claims, initiate renter changes, order replacement vehicles and much more. In brief: FLEETperfect, developed by BSI, supports all relevant processes in fleet vehicle management from procurement to sales. The steady expansion of the self-service portal and a brand-independent configurator for the ordering of individual vehicles and the option of ordering standardized vehicles (sticker price vehicles) based on mobility categories, make FLEETperfect an attractive tool for fleet customers.

“FLEETperfect helps us avoid errors and to efficiently serve our customers.”

Thomas Schaefer,   Head of IT at Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH


Vehicle management

  • Customer acquisition
  • Vehicle ordering process
  • Paperless incoming invoice processing
  • Contract management including release rules (automatic contract estimates, client contracts, invoicing including monthly flat rate generation and invoice issuing, approval process, claims handling, refueling card administration, revolving contract administration)
  • Deadline management, and much more

Supplier/Customer service portal - extranet

  • Configuration of individual vehicles using the FLEETconfigurator
  • Configuration of sticker price vehicles using sticker price ordering
  • Fleet vehicle information through the Reportviewer
  • Vehicle returns
  • Tires extranet

and more than 80 interfaces, including:

  • Interfaces to partner systems (e.g. SAP)
  • To the company’s own car dealers
  • Importing of electronic incoming invoices
  • Refueling cards and refueling card import/expor
  • Mass importer for costs
  • JATO data import
  • Approval export

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