"No other tool was able to offer what BSI created for us."
Oliver Rossol, Allergopharma
"BSI CTMS is easy to understand. New CRA's are quickly trained."
Sabrina Driewer, Allergopharma

BSI CTMS for Allergopharma

Clinical trial management system


Product: BSI CTMS | Industry: Life Science

BSI went live with its Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) at Allergopharma, an internationally active specialist for the research, production and sale of products for the diagnosis and therapy of Type-I allergies: Allergopharma organizes its complete trial management with BSI CTMS. 

This professional solution enables the planning, conducting and monitoring of trials throughout their complete lifecycle including shipment of drugs and material. Moreover, the systems shows the cost overview of ongoing trials. Around 40 users at Allergopharma across Europe and the assigned Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) work with BSI CTMS. In January 2015 the system was upgraded to the newest BSI CTMS standard version 5.3.


Excel and other stand-alone solutions are now a thing of the past. Allergopharma has significantly increased the efficiency of trial management with BSI CTMS. What’s more, the company has, at all times, an instant overview of costs, material and drug shipment as well as monitor visit reporting and patient status. Changes are seamlessly reported, reducing potential error sources.

Allergopharma especially appreciates the clear depiction of trials, the simple user interface and the intuitive operation. With its financial module, BSI CTMS enables a precise financial overview of the trials including investigators’ payments.. Document templates, stock management and the shipping of trial materials are combined in a clearly displayed application.

„No other tool was able to offer what BSI created for us.“

Oliver Rossol, Allergopharma

Conscientious evaluation process

Allergopharma thoroughly tested 12 CTMS systems from top to bottom within the scope of its comprehensive evaluation process. They narrowed it down to three vendors, BSI was one of them. «No other tool was able to offer what BSI created for us. The system is easy to use and is ideally suited to our needs. The logistic module with IMP-/NIMP-shipment and drug accounting as well as the possibility of  financial planning were particularly important requirements for Allergopharma. The very good price/performance ratio also spoke in BSI’s favor, » explained Oliver Rossol, CTMS Project Manager at Allergopharma.

«The system is easy to use and is ideally suited to our needs. »

Oliver Rossol, Allergopharma

The third BSI CRM User Group Meeting took place on 24 October 2013. It was hosted this year by Allergopharma. Founded in 1969 in Reinbek bei Hamburg, Allergopharma GmbH & Co. KG is a Merck Group company, headquartered in Darmstadt, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical, chemical and life science corporate groups. Allergopharma offers a professional comprehensive service for doctors and clinics and organizes continuing training symposiums for industry professionals.

Allergopharma has been active in research and development for over 30 years. Not least due to its scientific dedication, Allergopharma has become one of the market leaders in preparations for specific immune therapy (SIT) as well as for products for prevention, and is the only supplier in the German-speaking region to manufacture its own allergy extracts.