Customer journey management: From touchpoints to stories to convincing customer experiences

Customer journey management:
From touchpoints to stories
to convincing customer experiences

Customer experiences with a wow effect through customer journey management

You seek to create impressive customer experiences in order to win over loyal customers and to rise above the competition? Customers today are demanding. On their journey from need to purchase and beyond they expect a uniform, relevant and personal customer experience – across all touchpoints and organizational boundaries. Your customers gather impressions with every interaction with your company and thereby form their opinion of you and your services. Customers share their positive and negative experiences they have in the course of their customer journey with others: a poor rating, an enthusiastic tweet, a recommendation to a friend. With professional customer journey management you determine where points of friction arise or where journeys are broken off. You receive tips about the “golden path to greater success”, receive an overview across your touchpoints, and design convincing customer experiences.

Design customer journeys: Your challenge, our area of expertise

Digitization has fundamentally changed the work of marketeers and the expectations for marketing. The number of company internal and external touchpoints is constantly growing. Your customers expect you to recognize their needs, wishes and problems and to provide them with individual service. They demand immediate service according to the motto: “me, everything, immediately and everywhere”. Your superiors want to see results. You can get a handle on both with professional customer journey management.

End-to-end and across touchpoints

Customer journey management is more than the optimization of individual touchpoints. It is all about telling stories across silos and channels with a clearly defined beginning and end, creating experiences that last. Customer journey management means recognizing your customers’ needs, wishes and expectations, designing the journey and making sure that each customer’s personal journey is supported from A to Z. Because, regardless of the path taken, his or her customer journey must be continuous and consistent.

From touchpoints through journeys to customer experience

Customer journey management begins with identification of all relevant touchpoints. Customer journeys can only be successfully planned and implemented when you know where your customers interact with you, what this interaction looks like, and what experiences are gathered along the way. This is because customer journeys generally begin well before the actual product purchase or the use of a service, and can vary in terms of length and complexity. Successful customer journey management ultimately leads to a positive customer experience, as well as an overall impression which customers gain based on all the experiences with the company that are significant for them.

Successful customer journey management takes into account the fact that customer journeys often begin before the actual product purchase, then continue on and frequently encompass multiple touchpoints, both internal and external to the company.

The software for customer journey management

BSI Studio, the marketing automation platform is your strong partner for customer journey management. Our solution helps combine the relevant touchpoints and to make an end-to-end customer journey out of them. Customer data is used intelligently: What feedback does the customer provide, what are the pain points and where do they experience moments of truth? BSI Studio uses these insights to create continuous, cross-touchpoint and personalized customer journeys. In this way, you have your customer journey management under control.

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What is a customer journey actually?

The customer journey ranges from the first encounter with a brand or product, through the identification of requirements and the purchase, on to the use of the product or service, as well as the phase thereafter. It comprises a succession of touchpoints and has a clearly defined beginning and end.

5 arguments in favor of professional customer journey management

  • Synchronization of the interactions at individual touchpoints for a consistent overall impression
  • Greater customer satisfaction through individual support from start to finish
  • Positive impact on sales, retention and service costs
  • Creation of a positive customer experience and an increase in customer loyalty
  • Opportunities to differentiate from competitors

How does successful customer journey management work?

Customer journey management begins in the boardroom: the mission can only succeed when decision-makers are convinced that a company’s consistent orientation should be on customers. The next step is to determine the relevant company touchpoints. Then you must evaluate which experiences your customers have with your company. To find out what motivates your customers, you must ask questions, listen carefully and centrally manage customer feedback. These insights can then be used to develop appropriate customer journeys. Helpful in the process are intelligent tools, in which all your company’s touchpoints and channels flow together and customer data is stored centrally. These tools evaluate the data and show you how, where and when you can impress your customers. This paves the way to the wow effect.

“Only by looking at the customer’s experience through his or her own eyes – along the entire journey taken – can you really begin to understand how to meaningfully improve performance.”

McKinsey & Company, 2016«From touchpoints to journeys: seeing the world as customers do»

Put your customer glasses on please!

Do you know when, why and through which channel a customer comes into contact with your company? Precisely why does he buy from you? Do your communication, sales and service channels harmonize with each other? Do you provide experiences that not only satisfy customers, but inspire them? With these questions you start your journey in the direction of individualized customer journeys. Wearing customer glasses is the starting point for professional customer journey management.

Manage customer journeys now!

Would you like to set up a consultation appointment to discuss customer journey management? We will be pleased to show you how you can use BSI Studio to design, automatically execute and monitor customized, consistent and relevant customer journeys.

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Customer journey management – step by step:

  1. Commitment to the mission “put on your customer glasses”
  2. Encourage cross-division and departmental collaboration
  3. Recognize customer needs and take them seriously
  4. Identify pleasure points and pain points
  5. Determine and depict touchpoints and compile data
  6. Evaluate software for customer journey management
  7. Design customer journeys with appropriate tools
  8. Automatically conduct and optimize customer journeys in the tool
  9. Measure, compare and learn from the success of customer journeys
  10. Impress customers with personalized, customized customer journeys
No two customer journeys are alike. Professional customer journey management takes this fact into account and enables customized customer journeys with a wow effect.

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