In plain language: questions & answers about BSI CRM

With BSI CRM you get CRM software that convinces on all levels, whether in sales, marketing, the contact center or at the point of sale. Process for process, function for function, end device for end device. With tens of thousands of users in numerous industries and countries.

Frequently asked questions and clear answers

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Does your CRM software run in stand-alone operation or is special ERP software needed?

Yes. BSI CRM is a stand-alone product. Of course, we are happy to integrate ERP solutions.

How many users is your CRM solution suited for?

BSI CRM features unlimited scalability, whether for 10 or more than 1,000 concurrent users.

Does your solution (also) have a German language user interface?

Yes. The software is currently in use in more than 30 languages and in 60 countries.

What database does your CRM solution depend on?

BSI CRM is database-independent and runs on PostgreSQL. Oracle or DB2 are usually used.

Which groupware is integrated in your CRM solution?

MS Outlook, Lotus Notes and Gmail are integrated.

Does your CRM solution take the new data protection regulation (GDPR) into account?

Yes, thanks to the mapping of the new data protection regulation (GDPR) in BSI CRM, it is possible to efficiently fulfill the data protection requirements. The rules and deadlines for deletion depend on the data and its use. Corresponding rules and deletion periods can be flexibly configured in BSI CRM.

For which markets is your CRM solution suited?

BSI CRM was originally developed as a B2B CRM, but has also been used in B2C since 2005. By the way, we also understand the challenges of B2B2C and agency or partner sales very well.

Is your CRM solution suited to my industry?

That is very well possible. We especially have experience in the following industries: insurance companies, postal services and logistics, mail-order business, retail, financial institutions, automobiles, directory and media companies.

What devices does your CRM software run on?

BSI CRM runs on all end devices that are generally used: classic PC clients, laptops, tablets and smart phones (iPhone, Android, Windows).

Can I switch between the cloud and the on-premise solution?

Of course, we offer the most flexible CRM solution on the market: either on-premise – host our CRM software in your own in-house data center yourself – or as a cloud solution. It’s up to you whether you prefer to purchase the licenses or rent them. We love our customers – and not any specific contract form.

Can you recommend an implementation partner to us?

Yes, us – BSI. We offer all you need from a single source: product, integration and customer service.

Where is BSI located?

In Baar, Baden, Bern, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and Zurich. And anytime and anywhere our customers need us.

Since when has BSI been in the market?

Since 1996. That’s the year when Windows NT received the typical Windows look. And also when the Back Rub search engine went online. While it was later renamed to Google, we’ve kept our name.

Who does BSI belong to?

100% of the shares belong to us. All the shareholders work at BSI.

Questions about BSI CRM?

I would be pleased to provide you with more detailed information. Always within 24 hours and usually even faster.

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