BSI Contact Center and social media are now friends

Whether for the young or young at heart, the B2C or B2B market: mobile devices and social media are playing an increasingly important role in the everyday lives of customers. And in your Contact Center? Completely integrate Facebook, YouTube, Google, SMS or WhatsApp into your customer dialogue.

BSI Contact Center and Facebook: Liked

Use the reach and functions of the most important social medium, in an uncomplicated manner, directly from your contact center software.

Your benefits:

  • View and manage your Facebook page directly in BSI Contact Center
  • Social media communication integrated in the 360 ° view of the customer
  • All contact center and CRM standard functions are also usable for the Facebook channel
  • Various practical functions and digital assistants: display/reply in Facebook, full-text search throughout all posts/comments, and more
  • All Facebook functions also usable via BSI Contact Center (scheduling, emojis, attachments)
  • The same functionalities for community management of the YouTube channel

BSI Contact Center and Google: Hit

Link the Google communication, planning and location functions directly to your contact center processes.

Your benefits:

  • Integration of e-mails, calendar, address book and tasks
  • Route planner for companies or persons (multiple selection)
  • Direct display of addresses from the Google street directory while entering

BSI Contact Center and SMS/WhatsApp: Best regards

Integrate your mobile messages one-to-one in your contact center platform; for a contemporary customer experience and agility in customer contact.

Your benefits:

  • Send an SMS/WhatsApp directly from the telephone book
  • SMS/WhatsApp upgraded for correspondence steps in the Contact Center
  • Incoming SMS/WhatsApp messages listed in the Contact Center
  • SMS/WhatsApp communication integrated in the 360 ° view of the customer
  • SMS/WhatsApp messages can be planned for campaigns without additional interfaces


Do you find the possibility of better networking with your customers attractive? I am standing by to answer your questions and look forward to connecting with you – either through social media or personally.

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