Marketing automation
with BSI Studio: smart, intuitive, user-friendly

Personalized customer journey, powerful customer experience, happy customers

Whether marketing, sales or service: digitize your customer relationships and processes with BSI Studio, the marketing automation platform. For individualized customer journeys in an instant and a consistently powerful customer experience. What other tools only promise becomes a reality with BSI Studio: real marketing automation, real data intelligence, real personalization. Enabling you to accompany your customers and leads throughout their personalized customer journey. Keyword: Segment-of-one. So that every customer feels like what he is: unique.

Five reasons for marketing automation with BSI Studio

  1. Design and automate customer journeys – step by step
  2. Identify and integrate touchpoints – both online and offline
  3. Create content and play it at precisely the right time – customized
  4. Actively use events, behavior and preferences – in real time
  5. Analyze and optimize customer journeys – with a 360 ° view

Marketing automation and AI:
a powerful duo

BSI Studio offers a machine learning engine and special steps that train neural networks. The “brains” support users while designing intelligent customer journeys and processes.

They help you – among other things – with:

  • Recognition of customer concerns in incoming e-mails.
  • Determination of the next best actions.
  • Checking whether the first name and gender match.

Real-time control:
all KPIs at a glance

Everything under control: With the Mission Control in BSI Studio, you have an overview of your customer journeys and digitized processes. What status are they in, how many participants are involved, where are things stuck? And all this in real time. The key indicators are prepared in a clearly laid out tile view. This places all essential KPIs at your disposal, enabling you to measure the success of your campaigns.

And how can marketing automation help you?

We know many use cases. Let us prove it: We will be pleased to present our platform for marketing automation to you in detail.

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It’s so easy

Three, two, one … marketing automation! Working with BSI Studio is so easy and effective.

  • Design: Select the appropriate steps from the step library and connect them to customer journeys, process procedures and other stories.
  • Execute: Check the customer journey in sandbox mode, then manually release it for production. Does it fit? Then go live and run it automatically.
  • Optimize: Improve the customer journey and set up a new version. Through the clever versioning concept, the better version takes the lead.
  • Evaluate: Maintain an overview of the most important KPIs with Mission Control, such as participant figures, the conversion rate, NPS and the churn rate.

Decoding Digital Marketing

The digital tornado is transforming marketing and communication at high speed. There are many predictions for the future of the customer relationship. But, how can one separate the hype from developments to be taken seriously? On behalf of BSI, the think tank W.I.R.E., sought answers in a project extending over several months.

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There are many predictions about the future of the customer relationship and marketing. But, how can one separate the hype from serious developments? We review the “Decoding Digital Marketing” study and take a look at the digital future in our "The digital customer dialog of the future" blog series.

BSI Studio – that’s 4 in 1

  • Customer journey builder: This involves customer journey management and customers. Keyword: touchpoints.
  • Content management system: Contains a content editor, designs and a media library – for a personalized customer contact. Keyword: content.
  • Business process engine: Enables automation of business processes. Here you can save money while retaining high service quality. Keyword: processes.
  • Data management platform: Centrally collects and manages all company and customer data concisely. From all touchpoints. Keyword: data.
Step Store –
the BSI Studio ecosystem
Step Store –
the BSI Studio ecosystem
As a powerful ecosystem in BSI Studio, the Step Store offers companies everything pertaining to the topics of marketing automation and customer experience: services and consultations from our partners, practical templates for customer journeys and automated business processes as well as smart steps for working with BSI Studio. Are you inspired?



How it all began: the story behind BSI Studio

What does the Netflix series "Underwear" have to do with the BSI Studio marketing automation platform? How do storytelling and software fit together? And why is 4 = 1 correct when it comes to BSI Studio? Chris Rusche, the driving force behind BSI Studio, tells the story behind our smart marketing solution.

CRM and marketing automation

Companies make themselves fit for today’s customer expectations with the combination of CRM and marketing automation. Together, they help companies turn leads into loyal customers and to deliver customized customer experiences. Such as with our BSI CRM and BSI Studio solutions – unbeatable together.

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