Fully integrated loyalty management at Globus

Globus, the largest premium department store in Switzerland, is distinguished not only by its attractive loyalty offers, but also through simple onboarding and continuous processes in its loyalty program. David Spray, Head of CRM at Globus reveals how the retailer works with BSI CRM to optimize the loyalty program for the digital world and focuses on customers.

David Spray from Globus explained: “Our loyalty program smoothes the way to customer data. This, in turn, enables us to personalize offers. That is why we have to be the pinnacle in loyalty management!” This requires a system that orchestrates all data – not only classic offers, but also the webshop and services both online and offline.

CRM as single point of truth

BSI CRM serves as a basis and single point of truth in the Globus loyalty program. The onboarding process, customer service as well as card and bonus management are all depicted in BSI CRM. “Our goal is a holistic lifecycle management and the expansion of individual services based on the 360“ customer view”, David Spray explained. Towards this end, Globus merged the two existing loyalty programs and implemented a simple onboarding process: “Staff on the sales floor, in the contact center and at the cash register are guided through the process by the CRM. This reduces the error rate and ensures a uniform positive customer experience.”

“Customers who choose to join a loyalty program, want to be able to profit from it right away"

David Spray, Head of CRM at Globus

Easy registration and immediate use

The simplicity of registration is a decisive factor for acceptance of the loyalty program. Customers at Globus can sign up for the loyalty program through sales staff, the concierge, online or at the cash register. The only things needed are the name and e-mail address. The CRM looks after all downstream processes. If the card has a payment function, BSI CRM checks the holder’s creditworthiness in real time. The card itself is even printed right on the spot. “Customers who choose to join a loyalty program, want to be able to profit from it right away. The printer connected enables us to hand the card over to the customer immediately so that they can collect loyalty points right away, or use it to pay or redeem welcome coupons,” David Spray explained further.

“We are improving the shopping experience by offering paying by signature”

David Spray, Head of CRM at Globus

Integrated app

The Globus mobile app is a clever receptionist in pocket format. It clearly presents personal advantageous offers, purchases, pickups, watch lists and coupons. The customer can even pay using the app, with a signature instead of a PIN, upon request. “We are improving the shopping experience by offering paying by signature,” David Spray added.

Staff training as a key to success

David Spray, Head of CRM at Globus

In addition to experience testing, Globus has also invested enormously in the training of 3,500 employees on the sales floor and in customer service. Training includes role-playing, hands-on experiments with super users, coaching and staff apps with info, chats and videos. “We are working to attain the Migros effect,” David Spray smiles, referring to the high level of use of the Cumulus card – Switzerland's most popular loyalty card.

BSI CRM in customer service and marketing

Globus also has big plans for the second phase running through February and then the third phase, to run through to the end of August 2018. After the application process, customer service will be depicted in BSI CRM in phase II, and thereafter the bonus and card management. Services such as the alteration service and home delivery service will be booked and managed by staff in the future using a guided process in BSI CRM. Customers will be able to view it all in their app. We look forward to the next project stage and wish David Spray and the Globus team plenty of success and delighted customers!