Voice & CRM: BSI CRM has a voice

Have you heard? People are talking about a new form of chatbots: the voicebots are coming. In contrast to a chatbot, you can speak to a voicebot normally rather than typing in your concerns. We are somewhat familiar with this from Google, Alexa and friends, but the combination of voice and BSI CRM is attractive not only for customers, but also the customer experience and contact center managers. And that with good reason.

Patrick Bänziger, BSI

The voice-CRM liaison

The topic of voice is interesting for companies when the voicebot combines with CRM to form a meaningful community. The voicebot thus not only knows where you will need an umbrella or sunscreen today, but whether I should take an umbrella or sunscreen with me. But, one thing at a time ...

“Will voicebots ever replace human contact center staff? We don’t think so. But they will be a useful supplement, especially when they are connected to a CRM system."

Mathias HasslerService Community Manager at BSI

Voicebots are actually not something new. We cringe a bit when we think back on the first voice-based IVR attempts, which drove some customers around the bend. With advances in the development of voice recognition, proper customer-friendly use cases can be handled to convince even former skeptics like me.

The talking CRM

As the community manager for the contact center, I instantly fell in love with our talking CRM! When I get in the car in the morning, I ask the CRM what awaits me today, get info about my first appointment, information about potential sales opportunities, all while using the navigation to get me where I am going. For now, I am still driving the car myself. Nevertheless, I can now make considerably better use of my time while commuting between two appointments thanks to my well-informed voice assistant and her partner, the CRM (with integrated calendar and maps).

BSI CRM and Voice Assistant – a powerful team

Consistent service

Voicebots can also support contact center agents in customer service: with authentification through a biometric voice print – a dramatic improvement in the experience for staff and customers alike. This is also a relevant budget criterion when you think that the authentification/identification process between banks, for example, takes 45 seconds. These are 45 valuable seconds that generate no added value either for customers or the company. If this voice recognition is connected with the CRM, then the process involved in the loss of a credit card should run fully automatically, for example. The system triggers the right processes, blocks the corresponding card and sends the customer a replacement card. Case closed. Unless …

Hybrid service

If the card blocking cannot be processed automatically for certain reasons, then a service center agent is automatically contacted. His major advantage: first, he can see which customer he is dealing with, then what has already been discussed with the voicebot and can thereby provide a seamless service experience. And it goes without saying; the voicebot continues to provide support, such as by suggesting the appropriate action: a hybrid harmony between human and machine.


Will voicebots ever replace human contact center staff? We don’t think so. But they will be a useful supplement, especially when they are connected to a CRM system. BSI CRM has voice capability, but not just that: Our partnership with Spitch means that our CRM can not only speak High German, but even Swiss German. This means that even in the age of digitization and globalization, local dialects from Appenzell to Zermatt are taken into account – with the Virtual Assistant, the Voice Concierge, the Online Butler and your pals at the pub.