Surprise! Triggers for more customer engagement

In our conversation, Marc Schmid, CEO of Novadoo, explains what the Novadoo step for BSI can do, what omnichannel means, and what he believes the perfect customer experience looks like.

Marc Schmid, CEO of Novadoo

Omnichannel – it’s a term often quoted, yet rarely a reality so far. What’s your definition of it?

To me, omnichannel means that we can support customers across all customer touchpoints with the same software solution. It also entails that all departments in a company, such as marketing, sales, and logistics are interconnected. In addition, it’s about merging the physical world with the digital world. And that’s precisely where Novadoo comes in.

What mission do you pursue with Novadoo?

We want to amaze customers, make them happy, and create a WOW effect. There are almost infinite application options at the many touchpoints that exist. We facilitate the smooth and innovative initiation of engagement with customers. There are several objectives: increasing revenue, actively working on preventing churn, reactivating customers, generating hot leads, improving the NPS, and increasing customer loyalty.

Please explain Novadoo briefly. How does your service work?

The basic idea of the business model is always the same: There is the “appreciation platform” that we always individually design and set up for our business clients. There, a customer selected by a business client can choose an online gift that is then sent to him/her by the requested date. That is the “trigger,” which includes a message (which could be a video, too) and a survey. The business client receives a real-time notification stating which gift their customer selected and which answers he/she provided in the survey. It’s the ideal starting point for the client to engage with their customer on a deeper level. It allows the client to get to know their customer (even) better and collect valuable data. This approach also works well as an employee incentive.

So, the Novadoo step complements the BSI ecosystem. How do BSI customers benefit from it?

By integrating the Novadoo step into the BSI marketing automation platform, such “triggers” can be incorporated into the customer journey – with different intended effects and without any programming effort. All relevant customer data is automatically saved and can be easily reused for future customer actions. The selected gifts are automatically sent to customers without the business client having to worry about the logistics.

In your opinion, what does the perfect customer experience look like?

For me, Customer Experience 2.0 stands for amazing people, delighting them, and exceeding their expectations – and doing so with empathy! This approach brings customers closer to the company emotionally, and ideally, they will become fans.