Swiss Post: Thoroughly well served

Switzerland has 1,800 post offices and 400 post agencies. (These are all-in-one post offices, banks, ticket agencies and retail shops.) It's a good thing that the Swiss Post's CRM software manages and supports each line of business. An interview with Morten Pederson, BSI Project Manager.

How does BSI support Swiss Post in B2C?

Morten Pedersen, project manager at BSI

With two powerful solutions: one is an application for post offices and sales, while the other features a CRM solution for the PostFinance division. Both applications simplify and accelerate procedures at the counter while also ensuring efficiency in the back office. And both applications have already proven themselves in practice over many years. BSI solutions for the contact center and order management are also in use at PostFinance. If you add the B2B business, then there are even more applications in use, because there are software solutions from BSI behind the customer database for PostMail and PostLogistics as well as group-wide fleet management for over 22,000 vehicles.

What added value does BSI offer the Swiss Post?

It is not an easy task to make complexly networked customer data volume of this size reliably accessible. The Swiss Post operates more than 2,200 post offices and post agencies, and our counter solution is used by over 10,000 users. In the PostFinance division there are several million private and business customers with data that is intelligently managed by our software. Besides the quantitative aspects, the qualitative aspects also play an important role. Every second counts at the counter and on the phone. That’s why, for example, the application makes it possible to trigger 90% of the standard actions with quick keys. We also had to integrate many legal requirements into the software’s logic, particularly in regard to security and data protection. Last, but not least, we also offer tangible added value when it comes to project management, where we are able to smoothly introduce new software functions in the course of daily operation. And because we have all this under control, the Swiss Post has worked with BSI for over 15 years.

That’s half an eternity in the software world…

What does “half” mean here? Both the Swiss Post and our solution have grown powerfully during this 15 year period. The solid technical basis has enabled us to ensure a healthy balance of continuity and transformation for our customers. Our software is consistently based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Java EE. That makes the applications very robust and yet very open to the future: Because we use 100% open technology, we can seamlessly implement new versions and functions. And even interfaces to third-party systems can be easily upgraded.