Pop-up Event for Service Champions – a hybrid event premiere

On June 23, 2020, customer care and customer experience innovators met at Westhive, the trendy Zurich innovation ecosystem, to share exciting ideas and innovative concepts regarding the customer service of the future.

Participants from French-speaking Switzerland and from Berlin to Vienna joined the meeting digitally, conferred with each other, and were also active in the analog space via chat. The four hosts, BSI, CCC, cmm360.ch, and Wir Kunde, are hybrid event innovators and are passionate about outstanding service experiences. According to them, this event format is the format of the future for everyone who does not want to sit back but wants to contribute proactively to their community. This year, the hosts received support from Avaya with Avaya Spaces to make the dream of a hybrid event come true technically for all participants – whether they were on-site, working from home, at their business office, or on the road.

The Pop-up Event for Service Champions does not follow any set dates or rules. However, what is prevalent throughout the entire event are inquisitiveness and a desire to experiment, to try out and test something new. In particular, this innovative spirit applies to the four driving forces behind the event and their commitment to delightful customer experiences.

Here are the meeting highlights:

  • #BettyKochtMitDir – when customers advise customers. Betty Bossi obtains support in customer service – but not from new employees or external partners, but from customers who are cooking and baking pros as well as Betty Bossi fans.
  • Customer service via WhatsApp at Swisscom. To be where the customers are – that is Melanie Schefer Bräker’s aspiration. Therefore, Ms. Schefer Bräker, Customer Care Manager at Swisscom, launched WhatsApp as a customer channel. At the Pop-up Event for Service Champions, the pioneer shared her experience with messaging in customer service with the event participants.
  • News from the startup scene. beem-now.ch is the next level of QR code: It allows customers to interact with advertising they see on TV, posters, or in apps without having to scan anything. AutoSense displays the car in an app and builds an innovative service ecosystem around the car.
  • Mobiliar: Learning from customers pays off. Is that true, or is this simply an assertion? Daniel Zurbrügg, in his inspiring keynote speech, got to the bottom of this question and also examined the dilemma of “customer proximity in times of social distancing.”
  • Customer experience – an overview for service champions. Cyrill Luchsinger, CX Lead at Swiss Post and cherished CX inspiration on LinkedIn shared his essential tips for service champions.

Save the date

The next Pop-up Event for Service Champions will again be a hybrid event: It will be held on November 27, starting at 2 p.m. – in Vienna in an analog format and digitally via Avaya Spaces. The four collaborators and hosts, BSI, CCC, cmm360.ch, and Wir Kunde, look forward to an inspiring afternoon – to be hosted in an analog as well as a digital format. We look forward to receiving your registration!