Meeting BSI 01/11 has arrived

Issue 1/11 of our customer magazine meeting BSI is finished and will be delivered to our clients and business partner's mail boxes this week. The main focus of this current issue is networks.


Generation Y is entering the workforce. This generation grew up with PCs and the Internet. Social Networks, chat, and always-on are normal for these people born after 1980. And they influence their values. Competence is no longer comes automatically with to the status of a person, nor age nor the amount of time spent at the same company. Competence and the associated respect, have to be earned. The sharing of knowledge and the participation in the communication of the community are essential strategies – it is all about feedback.

This naturally doesn’t stay without consequences for companies. Young, well-educated people expect that companies adapt to those values and are not willing to budge like Generation X was.

Old pyramid and line structures are slowly cracking. The new working world looks more like a network made out of more or less strong ties. Project teams bring people together for a defined time to work alongside according to their skills. And projects teams are not constricted to company boundaries.

Read in our lead article how lessons lernt from online networks can be translated to companies. The example of an online cake community shows when growth turns into a problem and how social systems self-regulate  –  without  any hierarchies.

Furthermore we invite you to read about interesting projects for our clients. This time we interviewed Lidl and the Swiss Post. Lidl is centralizing its customer service in Germany in one Contact Center using BSI Contact. The Swiss Post is reacting to demographic change by introducing an Agency model, whereby local stores can offer postal services. Here the Swiss Post relies on BSI -  a long standing IT partner. Please also read why we think that classical CRM is dead, and why it stays our main business nevertheless. Enjoy reading! If you would like to peep into the magazine already, you can download it here.