Customer satisfaction & NPS

Sanitas has incorporated customer satisfaction in its goals. To evaluate it, the health insurance company regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys. At the BSI CRM User Group Meeting, Carmen Vampiro and Peter Hug provided insight into the process of the CRM-based survey and revealed the role it plays for the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

At the BSI CRM User Group Meeting, Carmen Vampiro and Peter Hug provided insight into the process of the CRM-based survey.

With an 80% share, the telephone plays a significant role in customer service at Sanitas. While customer satisfaction is embodied in the insurance company's goals, how is it to be measured in a targeted manner? Many different factors come into play when customers are generally asked about their level of satisfaction. That is way Sanitas worked with BSI to develop a customer feedback system that measures customer satisfaction directly at the touchpoint.

This is how it works: When the customer calls, a Sanitas customer representative answers the call through BSI CRM (using a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) interface) and records a business case. At the end of the phone conversation, the employee refers the customer to the IVR (Interactive Voice Response, voice guided system) survey which takes place within the same conversation. Of course, not every customer is asked about his or her satisfaction. Saved in the background are blocking rules for individual topics and for re-callers.

“Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.”

Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher

In the IVR, customers are asked whether they would recommend Sanitas, whether the employee made an effort or whether the customer was irritated. The result: “The willingness of customers to participate is very high, particularly if the customer representative prepares the customer for the survey and invites them to take part. The results provide us with valuable indications about which processes we can improve. The survey signals to our customers that we take their feedback seriously. Some customers find it easier to leave honest feedback on the IVR,” explained Peter Hug, Head of the Preference Center at Sanitas, who went on to add: “The survey serves as a management tool. The results can be compared per location, department, team and employee – a perfect opportunity for praise or motivation to improve.”

Customer feedback as part of the 360° customer view

The data from the survey is saved in BSI CRM. A dashboard provides transparency. Specific measures can be derived from this, explained Carmen Vampiro, Customer Manager Projects/Segments at Sanitas: “Our gut feeling is confirmed with facts today. With the measurement of customer satisfaction, the customer service department can make its contribution to NPS visible through measurement at the touchpoint.”