Artificial intelligence (AI) for all – BSI democratizes artificial intelligence

Last year, the software company BSI introduced its latest product, BSI Studio, the digitization and marketing automation platform; now, the company is launching its next highlight: An innovative AI solution called BSI Brains, which is also available as a cloud-based application. The new self-learning AI platform was first presented at the BSI User Group Meeting at GDI, a Swiss think tank, on November 5 and 6, 2019.

More intelligence in customer relationship management, and ease of use – that’s likely what all companies want to have. The software house BSI can now provide artificial intelligence that is as easy to use as an app. At the BSI User Group Meeting, the largest BSI customer event with more than 200 participants, BSI’s enthusiastic product developers demonstrated how companies could benefit from AI in marketing, sales, and service independent of the data amount and data center size.

“Machine learning and artificial intelligence are essential. They will shape our lives as well as the interactions between customers and companies in many ways. They open up entirely new opportunities for proactive, needs-oriented communication in real time.”

Chris RuscheAI expert and BSI founding member

Together with BSI's machine learning team, he and the ML expert Christoph Bräunlich developed a powerful, yet intuitive AI solution that is fully integrated into BSI’s CRM solution or BSI Studio, the marketing automation platform.

A big plus: the seamless integration into CRM and marketing automation solutions

Here is what’s special about BSI Brains: “BSI Brains democratizes artificial intelligence. The solution allows marketing, sales, and service managers to use AI,” says Chris Rusche. This passionate product developer considers the combination of simplicity, power, and seamless integration into the CRM or marketing automation solution an added value compared with other solutions in the marketplace. While those often promise AI, they do not operate effectively without external support from data scientists, and in their isolation, they generate little in terms of sustainability and added value. “Thus, a self-learning solution is evolving together with BSI Studio; not only does it think and make decisions, but it also acts accordingly,” adds Chris Rusche enthusiastically.

How companies can benefit: BSI Brains application areas

There is an almost infinite number of application areas for BSI Brains. They range from e-mail text recognition (with automated triage or response), fraud detection systems at banks, insurance companies, and online retailers, and the calculation of termination probabilities to sentiment analysis, next-best-action recommendations, and preventive services. But there is even more: The Brains learn more and more all the time and optimize entire campaigns. Even from something as seemingly trivial as a contact’s e-mail address, they can extract a lot of useful information such as seriousness, gender, and the type of e-mail address (personal vs. business).

“Its ease of use, comprehensive integration, and versatile application options are BSI Brains’ unique selling points. With BSI Brains, our customers can benefit from the power of AI without our support, and they can use neural networks that were previously available exclusively to data giants for their own purposes – and, if they like, they can use it as a cloud-based application, too.”

Christoph BräunlichAI expert at BSI

“The initial feedback we received from our customers validates our mission to make AI accessible to all. BSI Brains will simplify our customers’ day-to-day work with precision applications in marketing, sales, and service automation. This means that AI will help improve customer experiences and expand the lead over our competitors,” Christoph Bräunlich is pleased to report.

About BSI Brains

With BSI Brains, users can design self-learning AI workflows and configure neural networks. Brains are easy to assemble via flexible drag-and-drop and can implement, for example, text or image recognition, churn detection, or the dynamic arrangement of content on a landing page or in an e-mail newsletter without any external support.

The benefits of BSI Brains for non-AI experts:

  • Modular-design AI: Users can easily click the Brains together by using the mouse. Then, they can incorporate the completed, trained Brains directly into customer journeys in BSI Studio.
  • Road-tested AI: BSI Brains ushers machine learning into day-to-day business. To accomplish this, BSI has developed specific use cases for their customers using customer data.
  • Quick benefits from AI: In addition to end-to-end machine learning, BSI depends on transfer learning in combination with traditional data science. This allows companies to get started quickly and without a major training effort.
  • Integrated AI: The data from the CRM or marketing automation solution is incorporated into the Brains thanks to seamless integration.

The BSI User Group Meeting

“Artificial Intelligence – Real Emotions” was the motto of this year's User Group Meeting, where BSI welcomed 200 customers from many industry sectors at GDI. There were lively discussions around how much intelligence is included in BSI’s software and how BSI customers can benefit from machine learning; other topics stirring an animated exchange were innovative story ideas, practical use cases, and very personal stories. Customers belonging to individual industry communities took the opportunity to share their experiences and needs with peers and define the road map for BSI 2020.