HDI chooses BSI CRM

The software company, BSI Business Systems Integration AG, has gained HDI as a customer. The assignment involves the development of a new agency CRM system for the exclusive sales of HDI Vertriebs AG. The aim is to further boost the efficiency and effectiveness of exclusive sales and to thereby improve the customer experience with BSI CRM.

With premium revenue of around 32 billion euro in 2015 and 22,000 employees, Talanx is one of the largest insurance groups in Europe. The group company, HDI Vertriebs AG has decided to introduce BSI CRM for agents to optimize the service for sales partners. 

With the project, HDI is responding to changing customer expectations within the scope of the digital transformation: “Customers want to interact with their insurance company through various channels. In the course of a customer inquiry, different information and communication channels, both online and offline, are used by customers. While doing so, the customer does not expect to experience any process or system disruptions. Appropriate continuous processes and functions are needed to meet these requirements,” explained Oliver Hechler, Community Manager Insurance and CEO BSI Germany. In addition to an agency’s administration processes, the lead process, prospective customer management and tracking of the sales process shall be improved by the introduction of CRM. The basis shall be provided by the 360° customer view, which enables staff to provide comprehensive customer consultation and individual support. The aim of the CRM introduction is to significantly boost the efficiency and effectiveness of exclusive sales. The solution shall also support multichannel sales.

Multichannel sales in the digital world

Besides the technical expertise, HDI was also convinced by the highly developed industry standard for insurance companies in BSI CRM. BSI’s experience in the development of agency systems for companies such as Baloise, Gothaer and MV also spoke in favor of BSI. Furthermore, the HDI project managers appreciated the cooperative partnership with the BSI team and the future security of the system. “We are very pleased to be able to accompany HDI with their restructuring for the digital world. Our CRM software for insurance companies is ideally matched to the requirements of HDI in terms of omnichannel, digitalization, self-services and the consolidation of the IT landscape and sales systems, and with its practical diversity can be used comprehensively by the HDI exclusive sales department,” says Oliver Hechler. In terms of cross-division cooperation, the strategic, technical and operative requirements of exclusive sales are being compiled and being integrated into the software by BSI. “Our aim is to ease the everyday work of agents with automated business processes, data exchange and retrieval, activities planning, appointment and customer administration as well as business themes pertaining to the agency with BSI CRM,” stated Oliver Hechler.