ServiceOcean and BSI: A partnership for smart customer service

We have all experienced it. Still, nobody likes it: Calling a service center and ending up in the call queue, making sales cold calls with never-ending follow-up reminders, and waiting in line at stores. Not only can callers that are displeased with having to make repeat calls destroy a company’s reputation, but they can also ruin a company’s KPIs. Facing these customer service challenges head-on with innovative solutions is the driver behind the partnership between ServiceOcean and BSI.

“Even in times of digitization, it still isn’t a given,” explains Thomas Addison, General Manager of ServiceOcean AG. “Establishing a seamless customer experience at all touchpoints is a challenge for every company – and often, it’s the presumably minor things that irk customers the most.” ServiceOcean, a relatively new software company, specializes in smart appointment scheduling in customer service. The company is based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and was established in 2013.

Our partnership is very practically focused on specific challenges: How can we resolve organizational challenges through automated and smart scheduling? For example, customers who call into a call center continue to have to voice their requests several times since they do not have a direct contact. With ServiceOcean’s smart callback management system, callers do not have to wait: While on hold, they are given several appointment options and then receive a callback precisely at the time they selected. This approach allows companies to flatten call peaks and extend them to times with lower call volumes.

“Better reachability and better call distribution amount to happy customers and call center agents.”

Mathias HasslerCRM and Automation Specialist at BSI

When it comes to outbound calling, customers receive a text or e-mail in advance stating the purpose of the call. In addition, a time for a phone call is proposed, which customers can easily confirm, change, or cancel by clicking on a link. The advantage is obvious: Unqualified prospects are not even contacted, saving time and allowing agents to focus on essential tasks and the most promising contacts.

“Marketing campaigns run with BSI generate new leads. At the same time, the prospect of a successful outcome also increases the use of our outbound module.”

Thomas AddisonGeneral Manager of ServiceOcean

While the satisfaction of customers is essential, the satisfaction of system users is also front and center. Linking CRM functionality, automation, and a smart, AI-based callback management solution increases user acceptance at the same time. Therefore, together with ServiceOcean, we are also increasing the satisfaction of our service employees, as they no longer have to work with multiple interfaces and systems.