Digital Customer Experience: Part 3

The will is there: companies are seeking to digitalize the entire customer relationship, according to the DCX study by IDG. However, things are lagging when it comes to processes and data integration. The six-part blog series shows fields of action and solutions. Part 3: Points of friction, drawbacks and tools for the digitalization of the customer relationship.

Implementation of the digital customer relationship (DCX) is right at the top of companies’ priority lists, as evidenced by the DCX study by IDG. There is plenty of good will among decision-makers, but are their words also followed by actions? The bosses give themselves a good report card: their DCX strategies are clear and convincing. Managers of specialist departments only partially agree: while on the one hand, the technical equipment in the workplace lags behind what is required for digitalization, on the other hand, departmental boundaries and data silos hinder comprehensive processes and flee-flowing data – both of which are basic requirements for a continuous customer journey.

Digitalization platforms combine CRM and marketing automation.

Good will alone does not really enable implementation of a DCX strategy. Technical support is needed to make the relevant information available at all times, at all touchpoints, to implement the necessary digital processes, to optimally serve customers cross-channel and to impress them with the right range of products and services.

BSI Studio: The Design Suite for Customer Journeys

After countless discussions with our customers in the various industry communities, we have discovered that no digitalization platform yet exists for customer relationships. This is a good reason for us to invent one. BSI Studio offers our customers the possibility to design customer journeys live, to automatically conduct marketing campaigns, to monitor the reactions and to proactively communicate. CRM and marketing automation are intelligently combined in BSI Studio, with the aim of identifying customer needs and activating staff at the right moment, or triggering an automated action. The design suite for customer journeys helps our customers to experience a love story across all touchpoints, to win over customers’ hearts and to gain market advantage. And it hopefully also helps bring an end to the trench warfare between individual departments – through new, interdepartmental and cross-team cooperation, so that the focus is on the customer and what he wants, and not on their own turf.

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