The German Bar Association selects BSI’s CRM solution

The software company BSI Business Systems Integration AG has won a new customer: the German Bar Association (Deutscher Anwaltverein; DAV), which represents the interests of German lawyers. The lawyers’ advocate, which comprises more than 63,000 members from approximately 260 lawyers associations, has adopted the BSI CRM solution with the portal for membership management and support. The new solution replaces a total of four legacy systems.

The German Bar Association (DAV; Deutscher Anwaltsverein), the association for lawyers accredited in Germany and an association rich in tradition, selected BSI as its software partner because it wanted to manage its core tasks, which include representation, information transfer, training, continuing education, and promoting the communication among professional colleagues, more easily and efficiently with a centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Enhanced communication between the umbrella organization and its members

With more than 63,000 members – more than 50% of German lawyers are members of a local bar association affiliated with DAV –, around 260 local lawyers associations in Germany and abroad, and around 30 working groups, the German Bar Association is the hub of the German legal community. By introducing the BSI CRM solution with its integrated portal, which replaces a total of four legacy systems, the DAV ensures improved communication with its lawyers associations and their members.

Membership management with more transparency and efficiency

The BSI CRM, with its integrated portal solution, makes membership management easy and transparent. The association will also be using the CRM system for marketing campaigns. Many previously paper-intensive processes have been digitized and are now handled via the portal in interaction with the CRM. Data update requests such as member address or name changes are now easy to process, and with new validation logics, the data entry error rate can be reduced significantly.

“BSI won us over with its future-oriented product, expertise, and open and honest approach. The CRM is the heart of our communication with bar association members, and we are confident it will help us make our communication with them even more needs-based and successful in the future.”

Manfred AranowskiManaging Director of DAV

In parallel with the CRM system, the DAV also launched a new financial accounting system and linked it directly to the CRM. With this new arrangement, the association can conveniently use the BSI CRM solution as a billing and centralized reporting tool as well, can view their membership numbers in real time, and manage contribution payments. “The BSI CRM is a state-of-the-art membership management and communication tool that adds notable value to our work,” explains Dominic Krämer, head of the Marketing Department. “In addition, with the link to the portal, our local associations and their members benefit as well. Ease of use, a clear presentation, and numerous functions simplify data management on both ends.”