BSI at the Swiss CRM Forum 2018

On 20 September 2018, the Dolder Grand Hotel was transformed into a television studio: At the Swiss CRM Forum, we presented our latest product innovation for digitization makers and directors of digital customer experiences for the first time: BSI Studio.

Interested customer experience directors, chief digital officers, marketing managers and customer service directors took a seat at the DCX director's chair to see how they can write scripts for consistent customer journeys in the future, execute them automatically and test, evaluate and optimize them in real time – all from a single system.

We are delighted with the great interest in our new digitization platform. "BSI Studio will fundamentally change the way we interact with customers," our customers said.

Designing Customer Journeys with BSI Studio

Digitale Service Excellence

The appearance of Jean-Jacques Toffel, Head of the Contact Center at PostFinance AG, was also ready for the movies. At Switzerland's leading financial institution, digitization is regarded as a strategic success factor on the way to becoming a "digital powerhouse". The contact center plays an important role in this context.

"The goals are a better customer experience and a better user experience."

Jean-Jacques ToffelHead of Contactcenter PostFinance

Jean-Jacques Toffel, Head of Contactcenter at PostFinance

In the "Customer Excellence" Best Practice Session, he impressively demonstrated that these goals are not at odds with profitability and efficiency. PostFinance has established the contact center as the hub for digital interactions within the company. "The contact center plays a central role in customer relationship management and is a core element of our omnichannel strategy. The digital mobilization of customers is one of our main tasks," explains the customer care expert, who has launched many initiatives to master the transition from call center to integrated contact center. As an important element in future sales, processes have been simplified or redesigned and technological innovations introduced – from central CRM to video consulting and voice biometrics to chatbots and artificial intelligence. "Our biggest task, however, is skill and change management," explains Jean-Jacques Toffel. "The change is huge. The contact center is becoming the central sales channel. Getting our employees enthusiastic about their graduation skills and new tasks is an important success factor on our way to becoming the market-leading contact center in Switzerland. That is our ambition," says Jean-Jacques Toffel.

Lively interest at the BSI booth at the Swiss CRM Forum 2018

Decoding Digital Marketing

As a further highlight of the Swiss CRM Forum 2018, Dominique Meier from ThinkTank W.I.R.E. enriched the main stage with her keynote speech "Decoding Digital Marketing". Following the discovery of language, writing, telephone and fax, digitization promises the next quantum leap in communications development: the transition to a world of tailor-made messages in which target groups can be reached everywhere and everyone can find what they are looking for – faster and more efficiently. However, the digital future also presents companies and institutions with major challenges, particularly in terms of the design of their communications and digital marketing. Their exciting scenarios of the official and unofficial future inspired visitors to experiment with their ideas and engage in lively discussions at the final aperitif. 

Take a seat on the director's chair!

Many questions – one solution

We are pleased to be able to provide a simple answer to the many questions of the digital customer experience with BSI Studio. Have we aroused your interest? We would be happy to reserve a directorial seat for you for a demo. Or you can come to our BSI Studio premiere party. This will take place – how could it be otherwise – on 6 November 2018 at the SRF Studio in Zurich. Experience how you will design and execute Customer Journeys in the future. Across all touchpoints and departments. You can also take a look into the future: the results of the latest W.I.R.E. study on "Decoding Digital Marketing" and a story trail through the BSI Studio trade fair. We look forward to meeting you!