Award-winning consumer advocate

The winner of the award for the best contact center in Switzerland was named on November 28. 2017. Our customer, Baloise Insurance, won the coveted “Golden Headset Award” in the “customer focus” category. BSI heartily congratulates Beatrix Riner and the Basler Insurance claims team.

BSI heartily congratulates Beatrix Riner and the Basler Insurance claims team

Consistent customer focus

Hail, flooding, lightning, traffic accidents: it goes without saying that none of these are pleasant experiences. Nevertheless, the Basler Insurance claims team makes sure that the customer receives support unbureaucratically at the crucial moment and is even positively surprised. In the case of theft, the processing time has been shortened from 14 days to just one day through slimmed down processes and system support. Customers can complete their claim with just a single call or online. Top First Contact Resolution (FCR) is largely the result of the merging of the front and back office, which facilitates a seamless customer experience.

Instead of inflated processes for a few exceptional cases, Baloise Insurance trusts its customers. Jury member Nicole Stausek praised this trust and the consistent customer focus in her award presentation: “The enormous process simplification is based on the assumption that customers are honest. The employee is responsible for his or her customer from initial contact through to case completion. The Baloise Insurance claims team settles 80% of theft cases directly, thereby amazing and impressing their long-suffering customers. Massively shorter processing times through process simplification, employees who decide directly and who trust their instincts and a greatly improved customer experience: that is a triple-win situation for everyone involved!”

The claims teams staff are pleased to be able to count on having our CRM system at hand, so that they can indeed identify a black sheep if need be :-)

As a rule, customers tend to be honest and are quite simply pleased to receive unbureaucratic assistance and to be trusted when they are truly in need.

We congratulate Basler Insurance and wish them continued success when it comes to satisfying their customers.