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Benefit from AI in marketing, sales, and service

Currently, artificial intelligence is quite simply all the rage; it is the holy grail of IT, so to speak. But, in what areas should it be used? Also, where could it complement or even replace human intelligence? Are you already getting the most out of your data? Are you controlling the processes throughout your business in a fully automated way? Is the communication with your customers hyper-personalized? BSI offers powerful machine learning workflows for all areas of your company, anywhere they add value.



Discover AI application areas

Intelligent data analysis, customer clustering, KPI calculation, and marketing and sales recommendations: This is only some of the expertise BSI can provide you with. A sentiment analysis of incoming correspondence helps you determine the Next Best Action and executes it automatically. Incidentally calculated scores inform the relevant lead processes and sales management at the same time. Brains, BSI’s artificial intelligence solution, suggests the best channel, manages the dialogue with the customer and analyzes customer behavior in real time.

  • Text recognition: Brains assists with handwriting recognition on forms, extracts order numbers and relevant contact data from customer e-mails and automatically creates contacts in the CRM solution.
  • Text classification: The automatic assignment of incoming customer service e-mails to the appropriate team. Assistance with ticket prioritization in customer service. Getting the correct tracking number for shipment tracking. BSI’s AI provides support with automatic text recognition.
  • Sentiment analysis: Smarter support for complaint management, social media monitoring, etc. because BSI’s AI recognizes and aggregates your customers’ state of mind across all channels.
  • Decision support: Whether for churn detection or lead scoring, Brains provides the right KPIs and assists you with essential decisions in customer relationship management. Find out more.
  • Recommendations: Next Best Actions, the best communication channel, the right time to make contact – Brains helps you to provide the optimal support to your current and prospective customers and to harness cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
  • Predictive maintenance: Would you like to optimize maintenance and lower your costs? With the analysis of process and machine data by Brains, you can predict the perfect time for machine maintenance.
  • Warehouse optimization: Are your warehouse costs too high because you have the wrong products in storage for too long? With Brains, you can set a balance between availability and storage costs.
  • Image recognition: Your customers use their mobile phones to take pictures of your products or posters. Then, thanks to image recognition, the pertinent information from your database is displayed for them.

Benefit from artificial intelligence now

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“With state-of-the-art deep-learning frameworks, it has become easy to create quality AI models. The difficulty lies in integrating these models into the corporate infrastructure. With Brains, you can do this with a single click.”

Christoph BräunlichML-Experte at BSI

Our AI passes the real-life test

Do you need proof?

  • 95% success rate in e-mail classification at one of our retail customers
  • 93% accuracy in predicting the best maintenance time for container bridge cables
  • The successful prediction of customer moves at one of our bank customer

How you can benefit from BSI’s AI

BSI is your partner for perfectly personalized customer journeys:

  • Brains learns from your customers’ behaviors. At what time are they the most receptive to which message? Which channel is the best channel to reach them on?
  • Brains processes data in real time and allows you to do web crawling and scraping.
  • Brains supports the standard algorithms for regression, classification, and clustering, and supports standard metrics for the comparison of model performance.