Zetes sells with BSI CRM

The specialist for auto ID technology conducts its sales activities in four countries with BSI CRM

BSI Business Systems Integration AG is in the process of completing a project that was extremely urgent: Within six weeks, Zetes, a specialist for auto ID solutions, migrated its sales activities in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland from Salesforce to BSI CRM. The Zetes sales staff uses the BSI CRM sales module, which provides them with essential sales functions including contact management, tasks and project management, capture and target plan as well as important reporting tools with Pipeline and Sales Funnel. A complex authorization system controls the views of heterogeneous user groups. Each country is an independent client. Additional project stages are planned. These include introducing BSI CRM to Marketing and Complaint Management.

The contract with Salesforce had long since been cancelled when the project team headed by Tim Hellinga took on the migration of Zetes’ sales data to BSI CRM. Within six weeks, the team exported tens of thousands of data records, while they simultaneously installed the new CRM. “We were only able to export the data in packages, due to limitations in the old contract – quite a challenge in view of how little time we had. We had to meticulously plan the procedure. Nothing was allowed to go wrong,” Tim Hellinga, Project Manager at BSI, says looking back.

Demanding in terms of usability, reporting and flexibility
Zetes placed extensive demands on the new CRM: “We wanted a user-friendly CRM with comprehensive reporting options and greater flexibility. Furthermore, some sales staff had to be able to continue working cross-border," sums up Stefan Butz, CEO of Zetes autoID Systems AG in Switzerland. “The entirely different, much easier user guidance in BSI CRM appealed to us right from the start. We needed support fast. When we learned that BSI was ready to start the project right away, we were pretty much convinced."

The Zetes sales staff in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland now uses the complete range of sales tools in BSI CRM: contact, tasks and project management, capture and target plan and important reporting tools such as Pipeline and Sales Funnel. A complex authorization system controls the views of heterogeneous user groups. Each country is an independent client. This means that while sales staff can view the common database of companies and people, they cannot see the pipelines of other salespeople. The central sales controlling, on the other hand, can see the entire pipeline, broken down by people, company departments and countries.

Rapid implementation through simple and flexible customizing in BSI CRM
“This is a real benefit, because you notice right from the first moment how enormously flexible BSI CRM really is," reported Stefan Butz. As required by management, the administrator can change and rename all fields and dialogues without extensive IT skills. Depending on their authorization level, users can even change columns and views themselves. “This means that Zetes was able to introduce a high performing CRM with comparably little budget and within the shortest possible amount of time. The internal project team was able to easily make many of the adaptations themselves. And now Zetes is using a CRM software that is customized to the company's individual needs," according to Tim Hellinga.

Zetes is currently in the process of launching BSI CRM locally in Switzerland. This means that BSI CRM is now operating in four countries and in two languages: German and English. Additional project stages are planned. “Marketing and Complaint Management shall also be integrated into the new CRM,” says Stefan Butz in conclusion.

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