BSI brings a partner system for insurance companies and banks to market

The administrative system for end-customer data enhances BSI CRM with essential functions for banks and insurance companies.

BSI Business Systems Integration AG is currently experiencing a steady demand from the banking and insurance sectors. The CRM producer is meeting this demand with a partner system: The application can be used either as an independent system or as an additional module for BSI CRM. The BSI partner system features specific functions for insurance companies and banks, such as the administration of legal and natural persons, historization of partner data, logging of payment and bank references including bank directory and validation, as well as network functions for the detailed depiction of households, beneficiaries, company conglomerates and purchasing groups. Sales of the partner system will be launched in the second quarter of 2012. The application will be available to BSI customers for piloting at the beginning of 2012.

“The demand for CRM software among banks and insurance companies has remained consistently high since 2009, particularly in Germany. CRM to support sales partners and for tailored advising in direct sales is turning out to be a real trend in this sector. These companies also need very special functions, which are provided with our new partner system," explained Christian A. Rusche, CEO of BSI Business System Integration AG.

Details of the partner system functions:

• Historization of partner data and addresses, including validity periods and audit trails.
• Comprehensive address logic, particularly the division in postal and electronic addresses
• Partner view, which lists legal and natural persons in a graphically linked format, including a combined “single field search”.
• Logging of payment and bank references, including underlying bank directly and validation
• Automated address synchronization with external service providers
• Support via the proved graphical Process Wizard of BSI which leads the user through partner-relevant steps, including cross-application entry and change processes
• Target group specific group and company structure logic with new attributes, such as the detailed depiction of households, beneficiaries, company conglomerates and purchasing groups.
• Integration of external services, i.e. for check of creditworthiness
• Credit rating and fine-grained segmentation, including definable, automatically executed rules.
• An even more detailed 360° view, which can also be enriched with peripheral system data. The views can be configured by the administrator.
• The interested parties are available right from the start in the partner view.

In addition to the new features that are visible to users, the partner system also offers functionalities in the back-end, the server: For example, there are new services that offer peripheral systems the option of searching for existing partners, writing partner data in BSI CRM and obtaining it from BSI CRM. This enables the reduction of duplicate entries as well as process integration with existing solutions. What’s more, there are also methods for improved data validation and duplicate checking. The peripheral systems are also "open” through mapping: “BSI CRM knows which partners have been entered in what peripheral system and where in this system. This is essential for the 360° view. Only in this way can you know where partners are the same,” explained Christian Rusche.

“To supplement BSI CRM with a partner system is a logical consequence. The overlap between a classic partner system and a CRM is large; particularly the 360° view is important in both systems. BSI can lend strength here. With its deep integration through service-oriented architecture and comprehensive relationship logic, BSI CRM provides a good foundation for such a system,” continued Christian Rusche.

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