BSI CRM goes live at Versicherungskammer Bayern

The first baptism by fire – a multilevel mailing to 300,000 customers – has already been passed with flying colors.

BSI is replacing the old CRM system in operational departments of Versicherungskammer Bayern, Germany’s largest public insurer. A joint solution was created for the nearly 300 sales agents of Landesbrand Vertriebs- und Kundenmanagement GmbH, which starting July 2011 shall cover all customer and contract data, including the corresponding application management.

The first components of the new CRM went live back in April 2011, including functions for Marketing. The baptism by fire – a centrally controlled, multilevel letter mailing to around 300,000 customers to mark the company's 200-year anniversary – went off without a hitch. The agencies of Versicherungskammer Bayern Landesbrand Vertriebs- und Kundenmanagement GmbH are also productively using BSI CRM. Staff members can already access customer data and a portion of the contracts.

The agencies previously used entirely independent databases within the same system. BSI CRM integrates data management in a central system with authorization logistics and also offers new functions, such as controlling and campaign management.

“We wanted to be able to flexibly integrate databases from difference sources. The new software should also offer modern CRM functions. When it came to these requirements, BSI CRM was convincing. We have already conducted the first customer mailing," summarized Claus-Peter Achatz, Head of Sales Support at Versicherungskammer Bayern Landesbrand Vertriebs- und Kundenmanagement GmbH.

Urs Frick, Project Head at BSI, added: “We implemented this project using the Scrum method. This means that the collaboration with the technical department at Versicherungskammer Bayern was and remains very close and accompanied by a good atmosphere. Challenges that are typical for replacement projects, such as pruning old structures and introducing new concepts are solved much more easily this way."

We wish Versicherungskammer Bayern continued success with BSI CRM!