Eclipse Scout on board the “Indigo” Release Train

BSI’s Eclipse Project is on board the Eclipse Foundation’s Annual Release Train for the first time

Eclipse Scout, the Eclipse project run by BSI Business Systems Integration AG, is on board the Eclipse Foundation’s Annual Release Train this year for the first time. The Business Application Framework based on the Eclipse platform is for the implementation of business-critical enterprise software. As a component of the “Indigo” Release Train, which shall be published worldwide on June 22, 2011, all Eclipse developers will also have access to the latest version of Eclipse Scout. The Scout Team’s next major goal: Eclipse Scout shall also become established as a development tool and framework for business applications in other companies. The Swiss company has a powerful argument up its sleeve: Its own experience with Scout, gathered over a decade through use in nearly all customer projects carried out by the software producer BSI. Eclipse Scout will also support the implementation of Web GUIs starting in autumn 2011.

BSI has been a Solutions Member of the Eclipse Foundation since 2009. The Scout application framework was approved as an official Eclipse Project in mid-2010. The Eclipse Scout code has been published worldwide as an open source resource since the end of 2010. Now the next milestone has been reached: On June 22, 2011, Eclipse Scout 3.7 will be part of the Eclipse Foundation’s Annual Release Train. “The past few months have been intense. We are very proud to be on board the Eclipse Release Train for the first time and are eagerly anticipating the feedback we are sure to receive from the Eclipse community,” commented Matthias Zimmerman, Project Head at BSI. “I am looking forward to seeing the Scout business application framework as part of the “Indigo” release. Scout represents a valuable upgrade of the Eclipse project portfolio and shows how Eclipse technology is also becoming strongly established in the area of business applications,” added Ralph Müller, Director for Business Development, Eclipse Foundation.

Next stop: Eclipse Scout in companies
The Eclipse Scout Team already has its next station in view: The Scout open source framework shall also become established in corporate IT departments. Ten years of experience by BSI represents the best argument for such growth: Eclipse Scout is used as a development platform for nearly all BSI’s commercial projects. “130 developers at BSI work with Scout every day to implement international business-critical business applications. Some of our customers also already use Scout for their own further developments and upgrades of their BSI products,” noted Matthias Zimmermann.

The low entry hurdles for Eclipse Scout are a second argument used by those in charge of the project, which will ensure its penetration in corporate development departments. “With SDK support, Scout offers comprehensive tooling and is also easy to learn, which is an important factor in companies. Our framework makes a substantial contribution towards increasing the productivity of software developers.

Web GUI as an appetizer
The planned support for Web applications is another incentive for companies. “Our aim here is to enhance to currently available Swing and SWT technology in Scout with support of Web GUIs. We plan to publish this feature some time this year,” said Matthias Zimmermann.

Background information on Eclipse Scout
Scout – now called Eclipse Scout – was developed ten years ago at BSI to simplify the implementation of business applications and to boost the productivity of developers. Scout has since been continuously further developed and is today based entirely on the Java/Eclipse platform. Eclipse Scout serves as the central platform for BSI applications, such as BSI CRM. The sophisticated framework is suited for the development of modern, service-oriented business applications. Scout offers a comprehensive set of GUI components and simplifies the design of intuitive user interfaces. Since Scout is exclusively based on Java/Eclipse, Scout applications are very easy to integrate into existing IT environments.

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