The BSI Zurich office Keeping up with the times

The BSI Zurich office is located in the heart of Escher-Wyss, the trendy urban neighborhood, and within walking distance of Hardbrücke train station. It is also near ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and the University of Zurich, which is why the number of employees at BSI Zurich who previously attended one of these two universities is high. Many experienced employees became familiar with BSI during an internship when they were students and joined the company soon after graduation. This explains why the internships BSI routinely offers at its Zurich office are very popular.


The Team

Ninety percent of the team members at the BSI Zurich office are software developers and are either part of the product development team or manage more than 20 customer projects. They see themselves as a large but close-knit community and take care of the office together.


Virtual Tour

How about a game of badminton?

The Zurich office has a running group that regularly runs at lunchtime and a group of badminton players who meet every Thursday evening to play together at Yonex hall just around the corner from the office.

Jogging Zürich

Delicacies from around the world

There are hardly any culinary limits in Zurich, and new delicacies become available constantly. Currently, food trucks are particularly popular.
The advantage of having a bar in the same building is that you do not have far to go for an after-work beer on Fridays. That is why our Zurich team members like to enjoy their beer one floor below the office at Pause-Bar or at nearby Gerolds Garten.

Food Zürich

High-end office equipment

BSI Zurich moved into its newly renovated offices in 2017. The space embodies an open office concept with lots of natural light, and cooling ceilings help everyone stay comfortable in the summer.
The building includes spacious showers that are always available for use by commuters and any avid athlete.


A modern metropolis

The City of Zurich offers all the benefits of a modern metropolitan area. Lake Zurich and the lush parks along its waterfront offset the hustle and bustle of the city center with its countless stores, bars and restaurants. The BSI Zurich office is easy to get to both by public transportation and by car, and there is a rental bike station right next to the building.


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Would you like more information about our Zurich office or about working at BSI? I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Stefan Bösch, Software Engineer and Manager of the Zurich Office