Positively impact the customer experience with touchpoint management

Touchpoint management: The key to a positive customer experience

Regardless of where, when, and how your company interacts with customers or potential customers (online or offline, through your website, online ads, TV commercials, mobile apps, communities or blogs, over the phone, by chat or WhatsApp, or with employees at one of your stores): Every single touchpoint gives you an opportunity to provide an unforgettable experience to your customers as part of their customer journey. It is therefore essential that you understand what your touchpoints are, design them consistently, and synchronize them proactively.

Multiple touchpoints – one consistent corporate image

Touchpoint management is a pivotal aspect of customer experience management. Today’s customers expect customized, cohesive purchase experiences as well as a consistent corporate image at every touchpoint. The process by which customers obtain information is not a linear process. They don’t make their purchases only online or exclusively at brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, they choose a particular channel depending on the situation: What product or service are they looking to purchase? At what time of day are they searching for information or making a purchase? Your customers are so-called channel hoppers, too, and it is critical that you give this truth adequate consideration in your marketing strategy.

Most customers do not gather information linearly or buy only online or only offline, but choose a channel depending on the situation: Which product, which service is it? At what time of day does the customer obtain information or make purchases?

The challenge of cross-channel: to serve customers at every touchpoint of your customer journey in a personalized way – since consistency in design is the key to a positive customer experience.

Touchpoint management with software from BSI

The basis of result-oriented touchpoint management is knowing and understanding your company's touchpoints and their relevance to your customers. With software from BSI, you can seamlessly accompany your customers through the various channels across this broad range of touchpoints. The BSI CRM software brings your touchpoint data together in the 360 ° customer view and saves each relevant interaction in the customer file. With BSI Studio, you can use this information to design touchpoint-transcending customer journeys. BSI Contact Center, BSI Portal, BSI POS, and BSI Dealmaker are our touchpoint solutions that are all part of BSI CRM. They will support you wherever your customers are at any given point. Whether on the phone, in the self-service channel, at the store, or in a personal consultation—your employees always have the right information at their fingertips. They can view which topics sales, marketing, or service have already discussed with a particular customer and how the teams have resolved the customer's request or concern. Each process can be started separately from the touchpoint. The customer request or concern is processed by guiding the user through a sequence of well-defined steps and is efficiently routed to the individuals or teams responsible in the company. With defined SLAs and escalation processes, customer requests and concerns no longer get lost.


To your customers, it does not matter who they deal with: a customer service agent, branch or store employee, or sales or service employee who stops by for a visit: From their perspective, your employees are one of the most important touchpoints. Every customer interaction is saved in BSI CRM and can be accessed by all other groups or departments.


Microsites and contact forms on your website are a treasure trove when it comes to lead generation. With BSI Studio, you can generate leads, distribute them smartly, and monitor their processing. In BSI CRM, every new contact is added to the 360 ° customer view and can therefore be viewed by everyone.

Customer portal

The BSI customer portal is your customer’s self-service interface. Since it does not limit customers to certain business hours or locations, it creates customer proximity. This touchpoint is your customer’s individualized online access and is linked directly to BSI CRM or BSI Studio.

Facebook and YouTube

You can view and manage your Facebook page directly in BSI CRM, and all your social media communication is added to the 360 ° customer view. All Facebook functions can also be used in the Contact Center (from scheduling posts to using emojis and attachments), and all standard CRM functions are available to you on your Facebook channel. You can use the same functions for the community management of your YouTube channel as well.

Text message

With BSI CRM, you can send text messages directly from your phonebook, view incoming messages in the Contact Center, and all communication is added to the 360 ° customer view. When you run a campaign and create stories in BSI Studio, you can schedule text messages and send them automatically without an additional interface.

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From touchpoints to customer journeys

With BSI Studio, you can define the journey you would like your customer to have, and all relevant touchpoints are incorporated. The customer-first strategy you have been consistently pursuing is starting to bear fruit: Customer care, customer retention, and lead management provide multiple touchpoints for successful customer interactions.

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