BSIWopiService: .NET Assembly enables Microsoft Word edit in your browser

Do you have the need to provide Microsoft Word functionality within the web browser, including the editing of documents? Does your company policy or your data privacy protection regulation disallow keeping customer data in a public cloud? We have the solution.

Cloud independent Word editor

Our CRM product BSI CRM provides a Word Editor. Thus, we intend offering Word Online in edit mode in the web client as well, with or without using Sharepoint. With Sharepoint in place this will do as expected. Without Sharepoint we use a custom Cobalt implementation. That implementation does not rely on any cloud – thus keeping all data on a local server. Your local server.

We expect that Microsoft will offer such a solution in the long run, but so far nothing is available.

.NET Assembly based on Cobalt Core

Our R&D group developed a WOPI, FSSHTTPB .NET Assembly based on the Cobalt Core. This implementation for Office online enables Microsoft Word edit in the browser.