On-premise or in the cloud? You decide.

How you prefer to operate BSI software depends on your general business conditions. A range of nuances are possible, from operation in a local data center to hosting in the cloud. We'd be pleased to help you choose the right model and offer you assistance with the right services.

On Premise

You have a strong IT department or perhaps a reliable outsourcing partner available? We are pleased to work as part of a team to ensure a smooth installation and lasting release management. Possible forms include:

  • Your IT department undertakes the entire management as well as the operation of the hardware and application.
  • You provide the server and operating system; we take charge of supporting the application.
  • An external service provider of your choice operates the application.

In the cloud

Is IT too complicated for you? If you prefer to use BSI software without having to be concerned about server performance and firewalls, then you can choose between:

  • Private cloud: We operate this solution for you on a dedicated infrastructure.
  • Public cloud: We use a public platform to operate your solution along with those from our other customers. This approach is rarely used for productive environments, but is used sometimes for demos or training systems because is it very inexpensive.

Questions about software operation?

I would be pleased to provide you with more detailed information.

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