Eclipse Scout: your open source framework for future proof business applications

With Eclipse Scout you develop sustainable business applications. Whether CRM, an offer system, ERP or a medical storage system: Eclipse Scout simplifies the development and shortens the time to launch. The Java framework for client server applications is easy to learn and covers many recurring requirements. Eclipse Scout is free of charge and 100% open source. Not only do the reduced development effort and the elimination of licensing costs contribute to unparalleled cost efficiency, the open standards make Scout applications smoothly integratable in your existing IT landscape.

A framework that really works

Day after day, tens of thousands of users around the world are working with software based on Eclipse Scout. The open source framework is the central developing platform for BSI and all our commercial software products are based on it. Our Scout customers use Eclipse Scout to newly develop their own applications or choose the framework as the front-end technology in modernization projects for their business-critical legacy applications.

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Simple multi-device application development

Save time, money and nerves: the Eclipse Scout applications framework reduces the complexity and shortens the development time for business applications. The comprehensive set of components for intuitive user interfaces make user-friendly business applications easy to implement.

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Sustainable investment

Eclipse Scout protects your investment. With Eclipse Scout you are choosing an open source framework that has proven itself in over 10 years of productive operation.

And free of charge! The active, international community ensures quality and further development.

Java basis

With Eclipse Scout you use existing know-how. Eclipse Scout is completely based on Java.

With the Scout SDK development tool that comes with it, Java developers are able to develop business applications with the framework after just a brief training.


Eclipse Scout applications run simultaneously on various devices: on the desktop browser, on tablets and on smart phones.

  • Improved overview: a common code basis for all devices
  • Lower costs: lower development/maintenance costs for mobile applications (e.g. mobile CRM)

Modular applications

Eclipse Scout supports the development of larger modular applications.

The framework facilitates a clean separation into separate layers for user interface technology, the user interface and business logic. Furthermore, individual modules for different business areas can also be developed. The modularization helps retain the maintainability of the code basis and reduces the lifespan costs of the business application.

Shorter time-to-market

Eclipse Scout boosts developer productivity. The framework is based on familiar Java technology.

It is easy and fast to learn and offers free access to many resources. BSI supports you with professional services and ensures your project success even for ambitious projects.

The Java framework for client server applications

Eclipse Scout meets many recurring requirements. Its strengths are especially apparent when it comes to implementing the user interface. The framework also covers client server communication and aspects on the server side, such as the connection of Web services, databases and security, and is unlimitedly scalable. Whether there are 100 or 10,000,000 data records – Eclipse Scout scales to meet the requirements. This integrated approach enables developers to focus on real added value for business-relevant functions.

Download Factsheet (PDF, 780KB)

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Develop modularly

Large business applications are divided into separate modules with Eclipse Scout.

Different business aspects, such as customers, accounts and reporting, are arranged around the common core as plug-ins. The modules can be developed by different teams and each can have its own release cycle.

Client-server architecture

Eclipse Scout provides all that is needed for complete client-server architecture and enables a clean separation into separate layers.

The business logic is implemented on the server while the client takes on the user interaction.

Proven building blocks

Eclipse Scout features a comprehensive set of components for intuitive user interfaces.

This makes user-friendly and uniform business applications easy to implement, saving time when it comes to development and in terms of user training.

Clever connectors

Eclipse Scout offers Web services for seamless integration into the existing IT landscape.

Databases such as Oracle, DB2, MySql/Maria DB or PostgreSQL are connected through specific connectors.


The common source code basis means that Eclipse Scout applications can run on all devices:

in desktop browsers, on tablets and on smart phones.

  • “The greatest added value with Scout: We can do everything ourselves.”

    Nils Israel, AGRO

  • “Tools and frameworks, such as Eclipse Scout, can significantly boost the productivity of developers.”

    Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation

  • “Everything you need in a business application is possible in Scout.”

    Bertin Kiekebosch, RID

How to successfully use Eclipse Scout

Whether you use Eclipse Scout to implement a private project or – along with your development team – to complete a business application for more than 1,000 users working at the same time: you can get started in the framework right away with the tutorial videos.

Here’s how BSI supports your success with Eclipse Scout

Use our professional services: as the initiator of Eclipse Scout, BSI is pleased to help you boost the efficiency of your development team and to reach your goals.

Our offers

On-site training

To reduce training time to a minimum, BSI offers training seminars for Eclipse Scout developers at a location of your choice. Scout experts from BSI train your team in just a few days and in the process also share valuable experience from their own Scout projects.

Expertise and consultation

We gladly support you with our expertise for special challenges. Whether you are building sophisticated prototypes with Eclipse Scout, must adhere to a tight schedule with your project or would like consultation on specific issues: our Scout experts look forward to working with your team to meet these challenges.

Support and maintenance

With business-crucial applications you must be able to count on having any problems that might occur dealt with within a defined response time. We provide you with code reviews, professional support and the maintenance of your Scout application. BSI is the first choice for Eclipse Scout.

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Global ecosystem

Great investment protection, high software and service quality along with minimal dependence on individual manufacturers: Eclipse Scout perfectly implements the advantages of open source development. Scout was published under the Eclipse open source license 2010 and has been part of a growing community ever since.

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Those who convert complex challenges into smart code need help or a sparring partner now and then. Special questions about Scout are discussed every day in the forum.

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Report bugs, write tutorials, post screenshots or simply discuss the advantages of the open source framework and your own experience. At BSI we believe in Eclipse Scout and welcome your commitment to convey this knowledge to the world.

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