Direct from the producer through consultation: intelligent and near-standard software solutions

Consulting with a specific goal: From sketch to solution

Each software challenge is as unique as the context and the company in which it is embedded. And nevertheless there are often more parallels than differences between CRM projects at companies – especially when it comes to the desired functionality, processes and interfaces to be depicted and how it is to be introduced. We are pleased to give you the benefit of our many years of experience gathered through the implementation of countless software projects – in specific and practical terms – and, best of all, at the end of the consulting process you have a piece of software that runs and can be tested by the first users.

Software specialists from BSI

Our software specialists provide many years of project and industry experience, along with detailed knowledge of our standard products. This knowledge is combined with know-how in processes, project methodology and IT architecture to assist your company to successfully implement your project with our software. If a requirement cannot be implemented with the standard product, then our specialists come up with simple, customer-specific adaptations – and let the know-how flow back into product development whenever possible.

We are the ideal partner for:

  • The modernization of legacy applications, the prototyping or development of new applications based on the Eclipse Scout open source framework.
    Eclipse Scout consulting
  • Tricky IT challenges such as the solving of performance issues, reverse engineering, ESB conception and installation or a code review for in-house developments.
    Technology consulting

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Professional consulting for CRM and Customer Experience

We are product suppliers and integrators at the same time – each of our business experts is also a BSI product specialist. We make your strategy tangible and then depict it in the software. Our software consultants function as our translators. They accompany and technically guide our customers through the project, fine-tuning their requirements to reach a common understanding. In this way we guarantee intelligent standard-related implementations that precisely meet your requirements. We will be pleased to recommend one of our partners for strategic consultation.

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CRM consulting, for getting more out of your solution

Have you already defined Gartner’s magic quadrant for your company: CRM vision, CRM strategy, customer experience and organizational collaboration? If so, then the operative tasks are next: CRM processes, CRM information, CRM technology and statistics. Precisely here is where we can assist you with product-related support even before the project starts and certainly until the rollout.

We offer you the right solution with BSI CRM. However, the introduction of CRM software alone does not necessarily lead to a successful anchoring of the CRM philosophy in your company. Strong user acceptance requires intelligent tools; clever, customer-focused processes and just the right interfaces to peripheral systems. We will be glad to give you a hand!

Touchpoint consulting for an authentic omnichannel customer dialogue

Successful CRM projects are actually integration projects. To smoothly accompany channel hoppers on their journey through the online and offline world, your staff needs a view of all customer data from all your systems. We are glad to work together with you to determine which touchpoints we integrate and how your processes can be digitalized.

Customer journey implementation, for seamless customer experiences

Touchpoint management is an essential component of customer experience management – and leads to customer journey management. With BSI Studio we offer a standard tool for designing and conducting customer journeys. We will help you depict your customers' journeys in BSI Studio or also connect you with partners specialized in the storytelling and customer experience management disciplines. You can find templates, workshops and the right partner in the Step Store.