What is Scout?

Scout is a framework to build state of the art business applications.

In February 2010 Scout was published as an Eclipse Project Proposal. There is a Forum and we’re also using Twitter.

Scout’s Primary goal:
Maximizing developer productivity.


To provide some illustration what this is all about the following screenshot is taken from our CRM product that is entirely based on Scout:

The corresponding Part in Scout SDK (tooling for Scout) looks as shown below. Note that the current focus is on the definition of the company form showing links and properties in the middle:

The three driving values behind Scout are stability, flexibility, and simplicity:

  • Stability: Ensure the Scout runtime runs stable in every environment.
  • Flexibility: Ensure possibilities to extend Scout and Scout SDK (Tooling for Scout) by providing Eclipse compliant extension points.
  • Simplicity: Evaluate every additional layer and abstraction carefully of its usefulness to keep the framework as light and simple as possible.