Multi Column SmartField

During the Scout User Group Meeting each participant has presented how he was using Eclipse Scout. It was nice to see that many of them were already using a new feature introduced with Luna: Multi-Column SmartField.

SmartField to select a position in the Swiss train network.

One day later, during the EclipseCon Europe another Eclipse Scout user told me he missed the announcement of this new feature. We had some documentation on the SmartField wiki page. But I agree with him, adding a few lines in a wiki page is not the best way to make the community aware of what is new with Luna.

It is never too late to communicate about a feature. ;-)

The mistake is now fixed:

We are proud of this new feature for these reasons:

  • SmartField are used in a lot of Scout applications (we presented this feature during the EclipseCon Europe 2011: Eclipse Scout – Discover the Potential).
  • Having multiple columns is a natural addition to the framework.
  • The feature was sponsored by two of our customers.

We still have some work to do in the Scout SDK: with Luna, you will need to write the code yourself; there is no wizard or no property view support for this task (See Bug 423802 for the enhancement request in the SDK).

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