A new Scout Widget Application

Since quite some time we had our old Scout widget application to demonstrate most of the Scout widgets that are available out of the box in the Eclipse Scout package available on the Eclipse download site

This old widget application has historically grown over time and includes many special that have been added to demonstrate and fix bugs or features. While starting to document the individual Scout widgets we found that a renewal would help to better showcase the typical usage patters for the different widgets and also highlight the most frequently used configuration options. As a result, the old widget application has been rewritten accordingly.

The client only application is organized into separate outlines for thematic groups of widgets. Each of the application’s outline then presents a list of widgets in a navigation tree. This is shown below for the Simple Widgets outline that contains examples for simple UI widgets such as label fields or string fields.

For each UI widget a corresponding example form presents a number of typical use cases and configuration options. The example forms are designed to be independent from each other. It should therefore be possible to read and understand the source code of each example form with minimal effort. Via the Open in Dialog … context menu the content of the view is displayed in a modal scout form. As shown below, the complete source code for the selected form can be accessed via the View Source on GitHub context menu.

As expected from a Scout application, the exact same application also runs in a browser as a web application as shown below.

And finally, the same application shown as rendered on a mobile browser.

In the mobile view, the Scout client transforms the UI in several places to take the smaller form factor into consideration. For example

  • Outlines are transformed into lists
  • Trees are transformed into lists
  • Two column forms are transformed into single column forms

This demo application is not only hosted on Github, but also available as a live demo on the Scout homepage. And, as already mentioned above, it serves as the basis to document the available widgets in the Scout book.

In the coming months, we hope to complete the transformation of the old to the new widgets application and – at the same time – complete the documentation of Scout’s standard widgets in the Scout book.

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