UI Widgets of Eclipse Scout

To build user friendly applications efficiently, Eclipse Scout includes a comprehensive set of user interface (UI) widgets and a powerful layouting model.

As the Scout widgets are modeled independently of a specific UI technology, the graphical user interface is rendered at runtime. Currently, Scout rendering componets are available for desktop applications (using Swing or SWT), web applications (Eclipse RAP) and for mobile devices (Eclipse RAP).

The Scout UI widgets are now also showcased in a new widget demo application. You can either get the code from this clone URL or try the widget application live on Cloudbees as a web application, and optimized for tablets and mobile phones. For these applications, the Scout’s rendering component for Eclipse RAP is used.

In the demo application, each UI component has an associated form, that is shown when clicking on the node in the tree. As for the DateField node shown above, the form can also be displayed in a dialog using context menu “Open in a dialog” defined on the nodes.

As a second option, the “View source on Github” sowhs the source code for the selected form  in a second browser window.

Be aware that the demo application is still rough around the edges. But while the Luna release progresses, the widget demo application will be refined step-by-step.

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