Eclipse Scout Roadmap

A while ago we were asking for community feedback regarding the Eclipse Scout roadmap in our forum. We now have consolidated the feeback and aligned it with available resources. 

With the Kepler release Eclipse Scout 3.9 will address the following topics:

  • Support for mobile devices
  • Support for modular applications
  • Build infrastructure (CBI)
  • Test infrastructure
  • Documentation
  • Staying on the release train ;-)

The individual points will be covered by separate blog posts over the coming months. For now, some additional context is provided below.

Support for Mobile Devices is in the workings since a year. As it is based on Eclipse RAP, we have been collaborating with the guys from EclipseScource since then. With Kepler, developing mobile applications with Scout will become  as simple as creating apps for the desktop, or the web. There has been a talk at Eclipsecon Europe, and there is a proposal for Eclipsecon Boston.

Support for Modular Applications. A first glimpse of this enhancement was provided in a corresponding forum topic. Many of the necessary runtime aspects have already been developed in the context of the Juno release. As we were not able to complete this feature in time for Juno, and a complete implementation does require corresponding Scout SDK tooling, the feature will now be included in the Scout 3.9 release.

The Scout Build Infrastructure will be moved to the Eclipse CBI. A large part of he work is already done and we expect to complete these efforts with the Kepler M5 milestone. As a by-product we have added a tutorial for a Maven Tycho Build for Scout applications.

With the Scout Test Infrastructure we will move the testing code for the Scout framework from BSI to Eclipse. This step is planned to begin early next year. In addition we want to make life easier for Scout devlopers by providing some infrastructure for testing Scout applications. Have a look at this bug or the joint talk proposal with the Jubula people for Boston.

Finally, we want to write an Eclipse Scout Book. Almost from the beginning people have been asking for a book so we couldn’t help notice the demand. As the task of writing a useful book is demanding and Scout is covering many aspects of writing business applications, we never really got off the ground in actually beginning to write. We have now decided to make an experiment by defining a setup that allows for “crowdwriting” in order to take advantage of our growing community. An initial description of the chosen setup is described in the Scout wiki. There is still work left to do, such as defining a proper contribution workflow so what you see now is still very preliminary. As soon as the is ready, we will write more about the Scout book project in our blog (and on some other channels).

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