Eclipse Scout Neon Release

Starting with the upcoming Eclipse Neon release the Scout framework is directly based on Java and HTML5. This move allows projects to easily integrate popular Java frameworks and to use “Maven-by-the-books” for building purposes.

On the HTML5 side, full CSS3 support is now available and integration of modern JavaScript libraries to implement project-specific UI components can be achieved in a straight-forward way.

At the same time, great care has been taken to make sure that the existing Scout developer community feels at home right away and does not need to re-learn Scout from scratch.

Current state of the SDK Tooling

With the M6 release the most important parts of the Scout SDK are becoming available. The M5 release already offered Scout specific code completion for form fields, table columns, menus, and codes in the Java perspective. With M6 the Scout SDK also includes Scout component wizards for complete Scout forms, pages, code types and more.

To add a Scout component just select the appropriate Java package in the Eclipse Explorer view, press [Ctrl]-[N] and search for Scout as shown below on the left side:

To create a new Scout form simply select the Scout Form wizard and enter the name of the new form as shown on the right side of the illustration above. As in previous Scout releases the Scout SDK will then create all the necessary Java code for the new form including life cycle management, permissions and the corresponding service on the Scout backend server.

Adding new form fields can then be done directly in the Java editor with the Scout SDK addition to the Eclipse IDE code completion. Pressing [Ctrl]-[Space] opens the available templates where the applicable Scout components are presented first. As an example the screenshot below shows how simple it is to add new form fields.

Eclipse Help

With the M6 milestone we have added initial Eclipse Help content that should get you started quickly with the Scout package. This content is available via [F1] or the Eclipse IDE menu Help => Help Contents.

Chapter “Getting Started” describes how to create your first Hello World application.

The help chapter “Import the Scout Demo Applications” describes how to import the existing Scout Neon demo applications into your workspace. For this tutorial the Oomph import wizard is used which makes installing and running the demo applications much simpler than in the past.

Can’t wait? Try it now!

Open your favorite browser and head over to the Eclipse download page. To access the Neon milestone release make sure to click on the “Developer Builds” as indicated by the orange arrow in the screenshot below.

If you should run any issues or just like to share your experience with the new Scout Neon release please let us know in the Scout forum.


For the Neon June release we plan to include Scout tablet support for the HTML5 UI. The Scout mobile support will not make it in time for the Neon June release and will be included in one of the Neon follow up releases. As soon as we can commit on a schedule regarding mobile support we will of course share this information with you.

For the remaining time for the Neon release the Scout project is concentrating on making sure that the Scout Neon release is production ready for commercial applications by the official release date.

On parallel tasks we now upgrading the central parts of the Scout documentation and co-organizing the Eclipse Neon Democamps in Munich on June 20th and Zurich on June 21st. We are looking forward to meet you there.

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