Eclipse Scout 9 release: out now!

The official Scout version 9 has been released as part of the Eclipse simultaneous release 2019-03 and is now publicly available. In this article we highlight some of the new features such as improved responsiveness, support for OpenJDK and more.

With the Eclipse simultaneous release 2019-03, the new Scout version 9.0 has been released. As usual, it contains a lot of changes. We are happy to share some of the highlights with you. The complete release notes can be found here.

Support for OpenJDK and newer Java Versions

Long requested and finally here: Scout now supports running on OpenJDK, and on Java versions up to 11. Note that this requires a bit of work on the side of developers; and RedHat's OpenJDK version is not compatible out of the box due to missing elliptic curves. For more details, see the Java 11 section in the release notes and the migration guide.

Dark theme

You enjoy the dark theme of Eclipse, and want your Scout application users to enjoy the eye-friendliness of a dark theme too? Good news: A dark theme is now included with Scout and the widgets have been adjusted to blend in properly.

Improved Usability

To improve responsiveness if the window becomes narrow, group boxes can reduce their width by moving their field labels to the top automatically. The Scrollbar handles should be easier to catch, while the trees (treeboxes, navigation) scroll to show you a better view of your data when you expand or collapse an entry. Don't forget to check out the improved options for menu bars and how you can control what happens if there isn't enough space for all the menus.

Denser layout option

Sometimes screen space can be scarce and the generously spaced elements of Scout will show only a small amount of data in these instances. If you need to display more data at once, you can switch to the "Dense" layout, which reduces the amount of whitespace, which especially increases the number of table rows that are visible at the same time. Below you can see an example from our Contacts demo application:

New widgets: Mode Selector and Popup

Many widgets got small but awesome improvements – and for sure we have some new widgets too! For instances, check out the model selector and the popup widget.

Widget 1: Mode Selector

Similar to a Radio Button Group, the new Mode Selector allows you to switch between predefined options, but with a "regular button"-like interface that is quite common on smartphones.

Widget 2: Popup

With the new "Popup" (also known as popover on some platforms), you can display additional information in an overlay. You have many options to embed widgets here - we can't wait to see what you do with it!

The Popup has the following features:

  • Take any widget you like and open it in a Popup by using the WidgetPopup.
  • Use any widget you like as anchor and align the Popup around it.
  • Decide whether you want to point the Popup to the anchor by using the property withArrow.
  • Control the behavior of what should happen if there is not enough space to display the whole Popup using various properties.
  • Choose how the popup should react when the user clicks on the outside or on the anchor.

try out all the widgets in our widget app

Changed property lookup order

In many technologies such as Docker or Kubernetes, changing the configuration without having to create a new deployment is essential. To support this in Scout, the lookup order for Scout properties has been adjusted: It now allows overriding properties in the configuration file by using environment variables.

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