“Crowdwriting” the Eclipse Scout Book

As announced in our last blog post we are now ready with the crowdwriting setup of the Eclipse Scout book. The goal of the Scout book is to significantly lower the entry barrier into Eclipse Scout. That’s why this book is primarily targetet at Eclipse beginners. To start working with the book, we only assume a meaningful understanding of the Java language and hands on experience covering the Java SE.

In its current form, this setup does the following things:

  • Provides an initial structure for the table of content.
  • Per book section: Provides links to most of the existing documentation.
  • Contains examples on how to include links, footnotes, references, screenshots, codefragments.
  • Builds the output (PDF, HTML, EPUB) based on tex-files, images, and files from workspaces containing Eclipse Scout projects.
  • Coming with a contribution workflow based on GitHub, make, LaTeX, Calibre

Below, some shortcut links and first screenshots are provided

The intended schedule is organized around the Kepler release train milestones. Therefore, described features, code snippets and similar are based on Eclipse Scout 3.9 that will be shipped with Kepler. Until May 3rd (=M7=Feature Freeze) we try to get in as many contributions as possible. The reminder until Kepler GA is reserved to fine tuning, corrections and other improvments.

We are fully aware that this is an experiment. As it is running in the open, we might even get contributions from places we did not expect. But whatever the outcome, we are sure to learn a couple of things until June 2013 :-)

Scout Links: Project Home, Forum, Wiki, Twitter, Instagram