BSI for Transport and Logistics

Transport companies and logistics experts are under increasing pressure to be even faster, more reliable and especially closer to customers. Software from BSI helps them deliver the best results in the tension field between efficient transport and logistics processes and effective customer dialogue.

Customer dialogue

  • Availability of all current customer and dispatch data for the best service quality throughout all locations and dialogue channels.
  • Specialized process solutions for B2B and B2C customers as well as for SME and large customers with group structures.
  • Integrated view of all communication channels (multichannel): personal, phone, e-mail, Internet, social media, etc.
  • Integration of outsourcing platforms and other external services: transporters, packagers, customs agents, address managers, etc.
  • Enrichment of dispatch data with customer data.
  • Business processes with intuitive operation, even by temporary staff with little training.
  • Interfaces to existing logistics and billing solutions.
  • Proactive customer dialogue with YTD comparisons for all services.
  • User-friendly Sales Cockpit for offer/contract generation.
  • Specialized solutions for international customers and processes.
  • Differentiation of data by organizational structure (group structure, divisions, partners).


Branch solutions

  • Counter and branch solutions for staffed situations and self-service.
  • Letter and package logistics.
  • Payment transactions: deposits and payouts, identification and card transactions.
  • Cash register system for retail products.
  • Interfaces to external systems (e.g. ticket sales, ERP, etc.).
  • 360° customer view of all products/services, sales channels and communication tools.


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