“Our search for our CTMS was as thorough as our clinical trials.”

Christine Schwenninger,
Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd

BSI CTMS for Actelion

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BSI CTMS in Action

Our demo section shows you how our software looks like and gives you an impression of what it can do. Dedicate 123 seconds to the future of your clinical trial processes. Discover BSI CTMS in a video tour by our project manager Jan Nielsen.

BSI CTMS: Project management and controlling software for clinical trials

BSI CTMS is the specialized software for clinical trials (Clinical Trial Management System) for Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Site Management Organizations (SMOs) and companies from the life science and biotech industry. It incorporates all partners and data together with uncomplicated entering, checking and evaluation. Network the best compliance and greatest efficiency.

Achieve success with a modern CTMS

Do you lose sight of the progress of your clinical trials? Do you attempt to manage all medical and financial data with Excel and stand-alone solutions? With BSI CTMS you receive a tool containing all the functions needed for conducting clinical trials. It’s easy to operate for monitors and trial managers. 

A complete solution for your clinical trial management

With BSI CRMS you manage all data in a manner adapted to your specific requirements. You always save the data centrally regardless of your location. You have an instant overview of costs, medication dispatching and relevant decisions at all times and thus enhance the efficiency of trial management. 

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360° clinical trials process design

With BSI CTMS you can manage the data of your investigators, sites and CROs, track CRFs and your inventory of non-medical supplies. You keep an eye on financial operating figures, drug shipment and drug accountability, and manage all investigator fees. Furthermore your clinical development team is supported with planning, execution and tracking of monitoring visits, tracking of subject visits as well as document handling.

Tailor-made compliance

The software adapts very flexibly to your SOP and business specifications and enables local, regional and global studies. 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and equipped with audit trail functionality BSI CTMS ensures you the reproducibility of your study data at any time.

Enter data anywhere

A fully equipped offline version enables the entering of data directly at the source, e.g. at the investigator’s office. The offline versions is equipped with the exact same user interface as the online version. No additional training needed for working offline.

Save time and money

BSI CTMS makes clinical trials leaner and speeds up data processing, thus reducing overall clinical development costs. And there is no need of extensive training: thanks to the uniquely intuitive user guidance (invented and patented by BSI) it takes just a short training to get started. Not to mention the time and cost benefits of the software itself, ensured by BSI's fixed price policy for implementation and roll-out, the open software architecture, as well as efficient training and support.

Futureproof software

The modular technical structure of BSI CTMS enables it to fit seamlessly and cost-efficiently into your existing system landscape. Because technical standards such as SOA, Java or XML are used, adaptations for new or changed SOP (standard operating procedures) and interfaces to other systems are easy to handle.

Best practice solution

BSI CTMS is built on more than 15 years of experience in software development and services, more than 400 projects and the daily feedback of over 70,000 users. BSI's independence and cutting-edge technology continue to set new benchmarks in the CTMS market.

BSI CTMS: Software für klinische Studien

From trial design to medication administration

From planning to execution and on to monitoring: with BSI CTMS you cover the complete lifecycle of your clinical trials. BSI extends the functionality release for release with the help of industry experts, such as at the annual BSI CTMS User Group Meeting.

All Functions

Simply grow along with us

Our on-demand offer is the fastest way to profit from our excellent solution. And the fastest way to grow – user for user, function for function. For a monthly per user fee, you receive all the advantages and functions of BSI CTMS from the cloud. As of 10 users.

Questions about BSI CTMS?

I would be pleased to show you the advantages and functions of BSI CTMS personally.

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CTMS, quo vadis?

The life sciences industry has a vital interest in managing clinical studies as efficiently and with as little risk as possible. But how well is this goal being achieved? And how well do current clinical trial management systems meet requirements? On behalf of BSI, the market analysts and strategy consultants at Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) took a close look at the CTMS market.

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