“We are boosting our closing rate by displaying up-selling potential.”

Peter Goller,
ERGO Direkt Versicherungen

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Guided processe in customer service

Agents at the call center of Swiss Post work with BSI Contact Center. The system does not stipulate any standard processes, but can be flexibly adapted to the processes. May we also decipt processes for you that best match your strategy and your relations? Step by step, end to end. (Video in German)

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BSI CRM in customer service

We don’t leave call centers and contact centers out on a limb with countless applications. BSI CRM integrates all systems on a single platform so that employees need only concentrate on one thing: serving the customer. (Video in German)

IVR Prozessführung Visual

If IVR, then right!

“For billing press 1, for technical problems press 2...”. This thrills no one. Nevertheless, customers can also profit from interactive voice response. That is, if you use IVR properly. 

Improve the customer experience

BSI Contact Center: the multichannel software for your contact, service or call center

Satisfied customers, productive agents: With BSI Contact Center, the multichannel software, you can turn any call center into a true customer contact center. Our contact center platform is a multichannel and client-capable all-in-one CRM system that guides agents through processes and supports cross-selling and upselling. In this way you turn your old cost center into a modern profit center.

Screenshot aus einem Video mit Pictogramm vom Kunden, Mitarbeiter und Unternehmen. Alle diese Aspekte sind mir BIS erfüllt.

Mission: customer satisfaction

Consumers are left frustrated when they have to restate their concern repeatedly to different employees within a company or must re-enter it when changing touchpoints. And they turn away from companies in irritation as a result. This doesn’t have to be the case. With BSI Contact Center, the integrated call center software that caters multiple sales and communication channels, you can optimally support your service staff. For excellent service, satisfied customers and increased sales.

Inexpensive and comprehensive

Is your customer service a cost driver? Not with BSI Contact Center. With its 360° customer view and the linking of all channels you can turn each customer contact into a sales opportunity and boost the productivity of your agents. The comprehensive and yet lean solution is flexibly scalable and turns your old cost center into a modern profit center through cross-selling and upselling support.

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Satisfied customers

With BSI Contact Center your customers are well-known – regardless of whether they contact you by phone, fax, letter, SMS, e-mail, social media or at a sales outlet.

Your staff is optimally informed with BSI Contact Center’s 360° customer view. Each agent receives all relevant information and thereby knows the customer history, open issues and the customer preferences. Valuable customer feedback is made proactively usable. It is communicated back to the company – to the attention of product development, marketing and sales.

High productivity

All employees who come into contact with customers work with just a single system. BSI Contact Center integrates peripheral systems and compiles relevant information from other departments.

The major strengths of BSI Contact Center are its easy operation and the guided processes. Agents can handle customer inquiries step by step – even beyond departmental and system boundaries. The comprehensive escalation management integrated in BSI Contact Center offers prioritization, classification and tracking of issues as well as notification of key persons. Importance, urgency and deadlines are clearly laid out for pending issues. Thorough reporting reveals improvement potential.

Attractive costs

Purchase or rent? The choice is yours. The intuitive user interface and the guided processes also reduce training efforts and thereby costs.

With BSI Contact Center your team can offer excellent service even with increasing volume. Properly supported, your service team can handle more customer inquiries. The cross-departmental processes can be administrated in-house with no programming skills. For vendor-independence and faster time to market.

Flexibly scalable

Are you looking for a solution that grows with you? You have new requirements? Or more agents? BSI Contact Center is scalable and multi-client capable.

BSI Contact Center is open for further technological development, reacts flexibly to changing requirements and is completely multi-client capable. BSI even reacts to peaks in your utilization with a flexible licensing model. Choose our cloud offer. Scale the number of seats and range of functions to match your experience curve.

Easy to use

IT need not be complicated. We are pleased to take on any task that does not thrill you.

From product-related consultation to the configuration and installation of the software in our data center and on through to the training of your team leaders.

Simple user guidance through guided processes

In-house or externally, inbound or outbound: BSI Contact Center adapts to the requirements of your customer service, is configurable and integrates all communication channels. This means that you have an overview of all customer data and are able to make time for what is essential: support, consultation and sales.

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First contact resolution: BSI Contact Center offers all functions to enable agents to competently handle customer concerns with the first contact.

  • Multichannel: Phone, e-mail, fax, letter, social media, SMS, web
  • 360° customer view
  • Automatic customer recognition (CTI)
  • Comprehensive customer search
  • Guided processes
  • Comprehensive process choice, even using synonyms
  • Follow-ups for uncompleted business cases
  • Know-how database
  • Enter new people in an open business case
  • Written and telephone routing
  • Forwarding to external people
  • Inbox for individuals or teams
  • Outbound processes with links to marketing and sales

Team leaders

Intelligent automation supports the team leader in efficiently assigning tasks. This simplifies resource planning and enables the deployment of agents with various skills.

  • Virtual teams
  • Ticker reports
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Evaluations of individual process steps
  • SLAs and escalation rules
  • Skills-based routing of correspondence
  • Service lines for different customer groups and service levels
  • Classification and tracing of business cases


Business cases are put together from prefabricated blocks without the need for programming skills. Other systems can be included, such as a price calculation in the ERP. The 360° customer view, fields and dialogs are all configurable.

  • Process administration without programming skills
  • Flexible process design
  • Independent configuration
  • Maintenance of the know-how database
  • Templates for contracts, written documents, users or processes
  • Preprocessing of inbound communication
  • Authorizations based on roles
  • Client-capability
  • Change history

Simply grow

You are starting out small and want to grow? Our cloud offer is the fastest way to benefit from the advantages and functions of BSI Contact Center. Let our attractive packages and prices convince you.

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Let us convince you live

I’d be pleased to present the advantages and functions of BSI Contact Center to you personally.

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Experiences with IVR

“IVR – yes or no?” This is where there is a parting of the ways. Can guided processes and a reduced, intelligent use of interactive voice response (IVR) contribute to a positive experience? We discussed our theory with customer service experts.

customer experience

Service lines

Would you not only like to know what employees communicate to customers, but also how? This is a challenge for companies with multiple brands or different service offers and especially for contact center service providers. (In German)

Service Lines (PDF)


Magazin über AHT-Beitrag mit Uhren-Bild

You always hear that customer satisfaction is the leading indicator for a service organization. However, this is often measured only by the average handling time (AHT). Is that expedient? An article from the Contact Management Magazine (CMM) in German.

applying AHT (PDF)

Complaint management

Don’t complain about complaints – critical customers are, after all, better customers. Their feedback well managed can even lead to boosted loyalty and higher reselling rates. Assumed that the complaint management is properly rooted within the company.


Anonymous? For sure!

A company does not always want to, or is allowed to, know its customers. Data protection stipulations are often the reason for this. But even if you don’t know your customers or are not permitted to know them, anonymized data provides statistics and evaluations.

Anonymous customers

Fresh answers

It’s not just the price tag that matters for discount retailers. Smart processes and smart contact center software enable Lidl to handle customer inquiries from several thousand stores both thoroughly and efficiently. An interview with Adrian Bucher, BSI Project Manager.

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Direct sales

Standard software for all staff involved in customer contact? A conversation with Peter Goller, Overall Project Head for CRM Introduction at ERGO Direkt Versicherungen.


Properly train with BSI

Gruppenfoto von Kunden und BSI-lern beim Fussball-Event in Frankfurt

Attend the BSI Contact Center course for team leaders to manage your team in a more targeted manner. Or deepen your knowledge in the BSI Contact Center for Process Administrators course.

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We think: Exchange of interests and information is important. Therefore, we are member of the organizations for call center and customer contact in D-A-CH.