RheinLand Insurance Group introduces BSI Insurance

RheinLand Insurance Group in Neuss, Germany, has entered into cooperation with BSI Business Systems Integration AG as its CRM partner for two of its sales organizations. In an initial phase, the broker insurer, Rhion, will introduce broker management based on BSI Insurance. The agency system of the exclusivity organization will follow in a second phase. Altogether, more than 500 users, customers and brokers will be supported holistically with BSI Insurance.

The business model of the RheinLand Insurance Group, which was founded in 1880 and has been family-owned ever since, is based on three different sales channels, each of which is represented by its own brand identity: the group’s own agencies – district managements and offices – are grouped under RheinLand Insurance, broker sales under Rhion Versicherungen while Bancassurance operates under the Credit Life International brand name.

RheinLand Group decided to introduce BSI Insurance with the aim of taking sales into the digital future and to facilitate holistic support based on a 360° customer view. “The standard solution for insurers optimally meets our requirements. Furthermore, BSI has a great deal of industry experience and reference customers from the insurance industry. Our ability to influence the roadmap as a customer also spoke in favor of BSI,” explained Bernd Schmitz, Broker Sales Division Manager at RheinLand Insurance Group.

Two sales channels, one system

While broker support and the exclusivity organization worked in different systems in the past, in the future both sales organizations will be depicted in one CRM solution. In stage 1, the Lotus Notes-based system will be replaced in broker support.

And in a second stage, BSI Insurance will be rolled out in the exclusivity organization. The objective is to support brokers with a 360° customer view and customer-related information, to enable them to proactively care for their customers and to be able to offer comprehensive service.

Planned for the future is the introduction of a self-service portal which will serve customers around the clock as a user-friendly dashboard and convenient 24-hour service.

“We look forward to a successful project progression for the introduction of the BSI Insurance solution”

Tobby Weskamp, RheinLand Sales Division Manager