Positive business year for BSI

BSI Business Systems Integration AG also has good news to spread regarding the 19th year of the company’s history. Despite the Swiss franc shock, the software company was able to slightly increase turnover in the 2015/16 business year to CHF 41.6 million. A total of 28 new employees and 12 interns found a new professional home at BSI. The 235 employees at seven office locations develop software for banks, insurance companies, retailers and logistics companies and more. In the anniversary year 2016 the software company anticipates growth at all locations – not least due to the resounding success of its latest release, BSI CRM Indigo.

Markus Brunold, CEO at BSI
The BSI office in Frankfurt was moved to Darmstadt on May 1, 2016.

The success story of BSI Business Systems Integration AG began 20 years ago: after a management buyout from ABB, a small team began developing CRM software for companies. BSI still remains loyal to the topic of CRM today and ABB also still numbers among the company’s many loyal customers that use BSI CRM for customer care. The BSI office in Baden, where it all began, is the largest of the BSI locations with 99 employees. They have been joined by a substantial number of new team members, who currently develop software from all offices for leading customers from a variety of industries. A majority of them have a stake in the company. “We are pleased to have been able to welcome 28 employees and 12 interns to the team in the past year. They will help us to successfully implement our projects,” stated Markus Brunold, CEO at BSI. To create space for the new team members, in the past business year BSI opened a seventh location in Dusseldorf and moved to larger offices in Baden, Berne and Baar. The BSI office in Frankfurt was relocated to Darmstadt on May 1, 2016. “With the proximity to TU Darmstadt, the location is just perfect for BSI. And the new office premises again give us enough room for new customers and staff,” explained Markus Brunold.

The successful release BSI CRM Indigo

BSI CRM Indigo

The positive outlook is due to the numerous new customers that BSI has been able to gain in recent months. Among them are leading companies from the insurance, banking and retail sectors. The latest BSI CRM “Indigo” has particularly appealed these customers. “The Indigo release is groundbreaking for us and our customers. We are pleased that the latest version is very popular and that we were able to announce eight new customers right at the beginning of the year,” revealed Markus Brunold. With the Indigo release, BSI has managed to further extend its technological lead. Especially appreciated are the cutting edge HTML5 Web interface and the smart functions that ease and embellish the daily work for the user. Customers are also enthusiastic about the industry templates and availability on all end devices. “With BSI CRM Indigo we are meeting the requirements of the digital transformation and can be a reliable partner for our customers on the way to the digital era – from data mining to geofencing and digital engagement,” asserted Markus Brunold. The first customers are already implementing BSI CRM Indigo, including the health insurance companies ÖKK and SWICA as well as the omni-channel merchants baumarkt direkt and Office World. “Indigo is as practical and convenient as your favorite pair of jeans. The solution is modern and sexy; customers appreciate its user-friendliness, the practical functionalities and industry specifics which massively ease their everyday work,” praised Markus Brunold.

BSI also delivers compelling arguments for controllers: open architecture based 100% on Java and open standards offer future security, stability, easy integration, high efficiency and flexibility. “With our attractive price-performance ratio and fixed-price offers we are able to boost confidence among our existing customers and to gain new ones,” explains Markus Brunold.

Awarded innovation

BSI's multichannel CRM solution has been awarded 5 times already.

Customers are not the only ones won over by BSI CRM: BSI was also awarded the IT Innovation Prize at the CeBIT 2016. “We are delighted with the award. It encourages us to continue driving innovation in the CRM field. We have a lot planned in this regard: we are continuously further developing the standard. In the two feature releases in 2016 functionalities for social networks, live Web chat and a webportal solution will be added,” reveals Markus Brunold. “Afterwards, at the end of the year, we will begin with the next major release, BSI CRM Ocean. The motto of the Ocean release will be: greater intelligence in the CRM software. We hope that we can in this way again create new and innovative use cases, drive added value and enthuse our customers.”

But not only are standard solutions from the CRM field in demand: “We are pleased that we have also been able to win a new CTMS customer. Our open source expertise with Scout, custom software and mobile solutions represents another of BSI’s mainstays,” explained the company’s CEO. 

Outlook for the 2016/17 business year

BSI turns 20 years old in 2016. “With ‘Gemeinsam BSI’ (Together BSI), we will conduct a two-day conference for our customers in November. We will also celebrate with our employees and have put together an entertaining party program in Europapark Rust,” Markus Brunold revealed. There are many reasons to celebrate: the company has a very good workload and is optimally equipped for the future. New software talents will again be sought to meet the order volume and growth in the new business year.

Among the top 5 employers in the IT industry

“Software talents are sought by many companies. We are pleased that in addition to interesting and diversified tasks, that we can also offer a working climate in which employees feel comfortable,” explained Markus Brunold. BSI is well positioned in this regard: according to the current ‘kununu ranking’, BSI is among the top 5 of the most popular IT employers in Switzerland with an average score of 4.74 out of a possible 5 stars. On the largest employer evaluation platform in the German-speaking region, BSI employees especially highlighted the innovative project environment, co-workers and team spirit, the agility, openness and appreciation, as well as the possibility of self-realization.

Strong team

“We don't just pay lip service to the phrase, ‘we are nice to one another’, but consider this to be an essential value that we live out on a daily basis. The glue that binds the 235-member BSI team is that we respect each other, appreciate our successes, respect our weaknesses, praise and listen to one another. We take our co-workers’ problems seriously, offer assistance and gladly answer questions. We don’t talk about it for long, we simply do it. These are our uppermost goals: fun, great co-workers and interesting tasks, and in precisely that order,” summarizes Markus Brunold. He promises that, even after 20 years, BSI will remain true to its values such as independence, honesty and pleasure in what we do.

Some of the 235 BSI employees