Healthy customer relationships at Galenicare

With its implementation of BSI CRM and BSI Studio, Galenicare, the largest pharmacy network operator in Switzerland, has integrated about 350 pharmacies and three webshops. The company can now manage the almost five million customer records and the loyalty programs used by the Amavita and Sun Store pharmacies centrally in the CRM system. Galenicare employees benefit from a consolidated 360 ° customer view and improved data quality, while customers gain from seamless customer journeys and even more personalized services.

Galenicare, a company of the Galenica Group, operates the pharmacy chains Amavita and Sun Store successfully throughout Switzerland and runs the Coop Vitality pharmacy network in a joint venture with Coop. The company’s mission: To assist its customers individually, personally, and expertly and thus gain their trust. To achieve this, Galenicare has selected BSI CRM as its central data hub with integrated GDPR functionalities, because Galenicare also places a high value on the confidentiality of its customer data.

“BSI CRM facilitates the implementation of our corporate strategy: We assist our clients individually and personally and stand for customer satisfaction based on trust and expertise.”

Ramin MohadjeriHead of Pharmacy Marketing & Development (Deputy Head of Retail)

Success No. 1: Optimized data quality

Since Galenicare launched the CRM project together with BSI in mid-2017, the company has benefited from improved data quality as the basis for personalized, smooth customer experiences. The various customer bases from the pharmacy data formats and webshops, each with several million records, were successfully merged and duplicates were removed.

“What I appreciate in our collaboration with BSI is their professionalism, schedule adherence, follow-through on commitments, and their support and understanding of our needs along the way.”

Ramin MohadjeriHead of Pharmacy Marketing & Development (Deputy Head of Retail)

By using an intelligent authorization logic, all relevant data in BSI CRM as the central data hub can be synchronized and processed at every touchpoint.

Success No. 2: More efficient handling of the loyalty program

Ramin Mohadjeri

When BSI CRM was implemented, the “Starcard” loyalty program used by Amavita pharmacies and Sun Store’s “Suncard” loyalty program, both of which were previously run by an external provider, were directly incorporated into the CRM system. From the calculation of point totals and the preparation of account statements to the generation of vouchers – the company can now do all of this in BSI CRM.

“The benefits are clear: more transparency, a higher level of customer data protection, real-time access to point totals, and clean addresses,” Ramin Mohadjeri is pleased to report.

“Together with Galenicare, we are happy about the success of this technically challenging project. With the improved data quality and integration of the loyalty program into the CRM, Galenicare is now well equipped for its future projects.”

Monika FreiburghausProject Manager at BSI

Success No. 3: The foundation for marketing automation has been laid

Going forward, the central CRM system is going to support the various pharmacy data formats with automated marketing activities; for these activities, Galenicare will be working with BSI Studio, the marketing automation platform that is integrated into BSI CRM. This means that MailChimp will be replaced, and all marketing campaigns will be managed centrally in BSI.

At a glance

Accomplishments with BSI at Galenicare so far:

  • Linking 350 branches and three webshops
  • The centralized management of several million customer records and the loyalty programs used by the Amavita and Sun Store pharmacies in the CRM system
  • Duplicate record, data management, and loyalty management activities, including the administration of vouchers and loyalty points, in BSI CRM
  • The highest level of data protection: The latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is mapped in BSI CRM
  • With BSI Studio, the foundation for automated marketing campaigns has been established

To be continued.