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Flexible Process Design

We think software should be customized to user’s processes and not vice versa. Because of this we enable administrators to flexibly arrange processes in BSI CRM and BSI Contact without IT knowledge. With the help of our so called Process Wizard, business cases of a company can be arranged out of readymade blocks, so called “Steps”. By doing this, you can also integrate other internal departments, suppliers or other software systems like prices calculations in SAP. Branches, mutations and “cycles” are also possible.

Processes guide and lead, but do not restrict

The Process Wizard follows the „End to End Process Management“ concept: customer requests are registered in the beginning and then guided through the company to the solution of the request, without changing the channel or multiple phone calls; requests are handled consistently without gaps and also beyond department and system borders.

Processes can be more or less guided. Three typical cases solved with BSI CRM and BSI Contact are:

The agreement process with credit card issuers: Processes are tightly guided here to strictly correspond to legal purposes.

Complaint management: Here, you will find moderately guided processes. The collection of data is tightly guided, but in the end the agent is relatively free, he or she can give compensations as vouchers on different levels for example.

Loosely guided processes are often used in Sales: Sales team members must have the chance to react flexible and they need all relevant product information at hand to the right time. You can store that information in the Knowledge Database in BSI CRM and BSI Contact.

Knowledge Databases and text blocks give competency to agents and lead to more efficiency

The Process Wizard is the central tool in the Contact Center view of BSI CRM and in BSI Contact. Also, users get additional support from Knowledge Databases: Here, they will find essential know-how fitting to the current process, for example product data sheets, corresponding processes or specialists in the team. Another helpful tool is text blocks which can be stored in processes: They help for example in oral argumentation on the phone or with efficient letter or e-mail writing. Users need not to leave the system to use these tools.

You will find more information on process design with BSI CRM and BSI Contact here:

Der Prozess Wizard ist das zentrale Werkzeug in der Contact Center-Sicht von BSI CRM und in BSI Contact. Weitere Unterstützung erhalten die User durch eine Wissensdatenbank: hier finden sie wichtiges Know-how zum Prozess, z. B. Produktdatenblätter, aber auch verwandte Prozesse und zuständige Spezialisten. Eine weitere Hilfe sind Textbausteine, die in den Prozessen hinterlegt werden können: sie helfen beispielsweise bei der mündlichen Argumentation am Telefon oder bei der effizienten Verfassung von schriftlichen Dokumenten. Das System muss nicht verlassen werden, um auf diese Werkzeuge zuzugreifen.

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